Issue #325

(Editor’s note: This one is several months old, but people need a reminder sometimes.)

Five obnoxious libertarian oligarchs who earned fortunes from the government they’d like to destroy


The cult of the libertarian-minded ultra-wealthy would make an intriguing anthropological case study. But it would be a case study with a twist: its research subjects increasingly control our economy, our politics, and even our personal lives. We’re dealing with a cohort of highly fortunate, highly privileged, and highly unaware individuals who have been inappropriately lionized by society. That lionization has led them to believe that their wealth and accomplishments are their own doing, rather than the fruits of collaborative effort—effort which in many cases was made possible only through government support. Instead of thanking the government and the taxpayers for their good fortune, they’ve allowed their own good press to go to their heads. They’re biting the hand that feeds them, attempting to shut down the system of taxpayer support and government action which created their world. Our money-obsessed society gives them far more praise then they deserve. Our corrupted political system gives them far more influence than we deserve. And, slowly but surely, they are turning their considerable resources to dismantling government’s role in society. R. J. Eskow, Alternet, 2-5-14.