The King County Democrats have a long history of successful activism and winning elections. Across the County we have elected a Democratic County Executive, Assessor, Sheriff, 6 out of 9 County Councilmembers and 4 out of 5 Port Commissioners. Statewide, we have ensured that Democrats have held the Governor’s mansion for 32 years. We have elected Democratic US Senators for 30 years in one seat and 16 years in the other. We are proud to have awarded all of our electoral votes to Democrats every presidential election cycle since 1988.

Our party and our success has been built from our volunteers working countless hours to share our message with voters across King County. We truly thank every voter, volunteer, precinct committee officer and leader who have made our party strong and successful.

We look forward in 2021 and 2022 to putting our country on the path to a more inclusive economy and equitable society.