Issue #368

Softball player warms up for hardball council race

Michael Maddux is both a softball player and umpire but spent much of last summer indoors, campaigning for creation of a Seattle Parks District, with resources to do such jobs as fixing baseball diamonds in city parks. The Seattle paralegal is about to enter a game of political hardball.  Maddux is up and running with a website ( and about to enter the contest for District 4 on the Seattle City Council. He will be taking on three-term Seattle City Council member Jean Godden.  The former Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times columnist is running for a fourth term, stressing her efforts to end gender disparity in the pay of city workers.  Godden is a strong Seattle Parks District supporter. Maddux has gone out of his way to be gracious toward Godden—saying it is “fantastic” that she wants to continue in public service—even while pondering a run for her seat. The 4th District race is likely to see a larger field. Joel Connelly, Seattle P-I, 10-16-14.