Our Party

Mission Statement

Support candidates and legislation impacting King County that results in: Good jobs – Social justice – Environmental conservation

Develop and test strategies, and share best practices from which the party can learn

Build and execute content that support democratic candidates and legislation

Guiding Principles

Inclusiveness. Diversity in race, faith, nationality, age, and gender are our biggest assets. We value each other’s unique perspectives.

Cooperation. We promote a spirit of fairness, trustworthiness, respect, and teamwork among our members.

Innovation. We look for opportunities to think different, take strategic risks, and creatively innovate—leading to continuous improvement in everything we do.

Effectiveness. Our vision for our party and our organization will not be attained with ego, cheap shots, and self-righteousness. We remain committed to figuring out what works, and focusing on that.

Simplicity. Some things aren’t that difficult. Let’s keep the simple things simple, so the hard things become possible.

Transparency. We promote open and fair governance maintained by two-way communication channels and operational transparency, including: Easy access to information – Channels for feedback – Process for feedback disposition.

Kindness. The world has enough terrible things, let’s not contribute to it by being awful to each other or our opponents.