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Issue #195

Editor’s note This edition of Daily Clips will be the final one under the present format. The time and work involved in producing this feature is proving to be unsustainable for a strictly volunteer effort. We are as committed as we can be at KCDCC to informing Democrats of the news and issues of the ... Read more

Issue #194

King County Developers sue to make Seattle more developer-friendly A coalition of several developers filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court on January 15 that would make Seattle, already booming with construction cranes, more friendly for developers. Their issue? One of the city’s affordable-housing programs. Since 2006, the city has struck a deal with developers in ... Read more

Issue #193

(Daily Clips will not publish Wednesday, January 29, so that the editor can attend the January meeting of the King County Democratic Central Committee. See you there.) King County Sawant to take home $40,000 in pay out of her $117,000 City Council salary During her successful campaign for Seattle City Council, Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama ... Read more

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