Become An Appointed PCO

Make a Real Difference, Starting With Your Neighborhood

A Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) is one of the most important roles in the Democratic Party. They serve on the front lines of our elections, engage directly with their neighbors, build strong communities and ensure strong Democratic turnout in all elections.

What are a PCO’s duties?

  • Make sure neighbors in your precinct are registered to vote
  • Remind neighbors in your precinct to vote
  • Vote on party priorities and leadership
  • Decide which candidates to endorse

Why are PCOs important?

PCOs are the backbone of the local Democratic party:

  • Neighborhoods with PCOs have higher voter turnout
  • PCOs vote on and endorse candidates for office all the way from school board to state legislature. They help connect voters to those who hold those offices.
  • PCOs can build toolkits and best practices that can be shared amongst Legislative Districts
  • Many future elected officials begin as a PCO – having a strong pool of PCOs leads to a strong pipeline for future party leadership

What is my precinct? Does it have a PCO vacancy?

Need help finding your legislative district, or precinct? Enter your address, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

**NOTE**: The search above does not always work. The alternative is to lookup your districts on the King County Elections site.

My precinct is vacant. How do I apply to be an appointed PCO?

Fantastic! If you’re ready to apply, fill out the PCO application form and send it to┬á – we’ll get the process rolling. If you’re interested but have questions, send those in – we’d love to find a way for you to get engaged in building a stronger Democratic party.

My precinct has a PCO. Can I still be involved?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us at to confirm there isn’t a vacancy. If your precinct is filled, you could:

  • Work with your precinct’s PCO to form a committee to engage your neighborhood
  • Become a Precinct Coordinator for a nearby vacant precinct. Precinct Coordinators fulfill the same duties as PCOs but do not have voting privileges.
  • Volunteer! There’s just so much to do – please share your passion with us and help us elect representatives who can lift our voices! Reach out and we’ll work to help find a role that fits you.