Join a Committee

One of the best ways to get involved in the King County Democrats is to pitch in and join a committee — the party only works if you do! Committees help us select candidates to receive our endorsemnt,  support Legislative Districts, recruit and train new candidates, build partnerships with local organizations, raise funds, manage our finances, and much more.  Serving on a committee is a great way to meet other members and get to know how the county party and the local political structure works.

Sign up for a committee here! Learn more about committees below: 

Committees stipulated in the Bylaws:
  1. Code of Conduct led by 1st VC David Fleetwood (11th LD):  Code of Conduct Committee recommends a code of conduct to the Executive Board and partners with our Ombuds to investigate and respond to conduct complaints. The bylaws require that the committee consists of the four vice chairs and four “at large” members, who are preferably people with human resources, workplace conduct, or ombuds experience.
  2. Communications led by VC Julia Reed (43rd LD): Communications makes sure people know what’s happening with KCD! This committee manages the organization’s press outreach, social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), events emails.
  3. Outreach led by VC Jen Carter (5th LD); Vice Chair Guillermo Mogollan (30th LD): Outreach builds partnerships with other progressive organizations and community groups. They also recruit diverse candidates to run for office countywide, oversee PCO training.  Outreach has several subcommittees:
    • Community Partnerships led by Chris Franco (11th)
    • PCO Recruitment & Training led by Anne Udaloy (46th) & Tom Schmidt (37th)
    • Bench Building/Candidate Development led by Krystal Marx (34th/YDs)
  4. Fundraising & Events  led by VC Josh Vaughn (48th): This committee plans fundraisers and fun events for the organization.
  5. LD Support led by 1st VC Fleetwood (11th); Vice Chair Sarah Edwards (31st): This committee provides information, support, and training to Legislative District officers, so they can be successful local party organizations.
  6. Endorsements led by Rick Polintan (11th); and Eleanor Trenary: Endorsements interviews candidates seeking the King County Democrats endorsement for their campaign, and makes recommendations to the Executive Board.
  7. Budget & Finance led by Melissa Taylor (46th): Budget and Finance sets the annual budget for the organization, approves expenditures, and oversees the Treasurer’s monthly reports to the Executive Board.
Standing Committees: 
  1. Bylaws & Rules led by Scott Forbes (43rd); Vice Chair Angyl Bender (43rd): Bylaws and Rules sets the standing rules for the organization.  They will also be reviewing the remaining proposed bylaws amendments that were referred to committee by the 2/23/19 Bylaws meeting.
  2. Resolutions led by Dean Fournier (32nd); Vice Chair Zeenat Yahya (37th): This committee reviews resolutions sent to the Executive Board from the Legislative District or resolutions proposed by Executive Board members.  They make recommendations to the Executive Board on which resolutions should be passed.
  3. Party Infrastructure & Elections led by Matt Kanter (36th); Vice Chair Hanna Floss: Party infrastructure is the KCDCC’s liaison with King County Elections, ensuring that we work smoothly together during all elections and that people have information about what’s happening in elections.
  4. Policy & Programming led by Maddy Vonhoff (43rd); Vice Chair Max Brown (34th): Policy and Programming organizes lobbying by the organization at the state and local level; and also manages the
    • Legislative Action led by Joshua Russert (33rd); Vice Chair Lisa Weber (48th)
    • Municipal/County (no chairs yet)
    • Ballot Measures/Initiatives (no chairs yet)
  5. Member Appreciation led by Anquida Adams (43rd); Vice Chair Annette Hamilton (45th) Member appreciation helps us show some love to members of our organization.  If someone needs a birthday card, get well soon flowers, or a meal train to get them through a challenging time, member appreciation is the committee we ask to organize TLC.