Issue #289

An insider’s battle plan: ‘Elections are about winning. Period’

A “2014 Election Cycle Budget” of $3.983 million was laid out nearly a year ago when Enterprise Washington, a business and industry political committee, displayed its wares to the Washington Retail Association. Power in the Washington Legislature was the message of the Powerpoint presentation, announced on page 1:  “ELECTIONS ARE ABOUT WINNING. PERIOD.” The succeeding 32 pages are revealing of a manipulative, money-consultant-interest group culture that never sleeps and does its planning far in advance. It’s what our elections have become. The final message defines, 16 months before election day, this year’s close-quarters battle for control of the Washington State Senate and how a key interest group intends to impact that battle:  “Fund independent expenditure campaigns in a minimum of 5 targeted campaigns.” Joel Connelly, Seattle P-I, 6-25-14.

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