Election Wrap-Up

by Linda Seltzer
Chair, Candidate Support

Here are some of the comments  received regarding our candidate support efforts this year.

“You were great help to our campaign, sending volunteers that actually showed up from outside of the district and actually did stuff!” – Tom Conlon, campaign manager for State Rep. Roger Goodman.

“You have certainly put forth an extraordinary effort for the KC Dems this election season. They would be very fortunate to have your volunteer effort continue in the future.” – Mary Ann Ottinger, campaign manager for Supreme Court Justice elect Sheryl Gordon McCloud

“I wanted to send a note to say thank you for all of your work and support
on Saturday. It was fantastic to have your help as we were shooting the
commercial, and both Cyrus and I very much appreciated it.”
– Mallory Gitt, Campaign Manager for State Rep.-Elect Cyrus Habib

The 2012 campaign involved several high profile races all in the same year. We had fierce races for governor and attorney general at the same time as the election of a new Congressional representative in a newly redrawn district. We also supported important state legislative races in swing districts.

Here is how our candidate support effort contributed to the 2012 victories:

We collected event and fundraiser announcements from the candidates and publicized them on this website and in monthly announcements distributed at KCDCC meetings.
We organized the flow of candidates’ brochures to campaign offices and had a special primary campaign brochure supply in the Bellevue office.
We announced events to our mailing lists.

We provided candidates with information on neighborhoods and themes.

Volunteer Coordination
We interviewed more than 100 volunteers and placed them in campaign roles.

We co-sponsored events for candidates in swing districts. This included doorbelling events for Cyrus Habib, Suzan DelBene, Maureen Judge, Bud Sizemore and Jay Inslee.

In some cases we were able to recruit donors to campaigns in swing districts.

We will be continuing these candidate support efforts in 2013 when city and county races will be on the ballot.

Linda Seltzer – Chair Candidate Support Committee

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