New polling shows Democrat Claudia Balducci beating Republican Jane Hague in King County District #6

Great news! New polling released today by the Washington State Democrats showing Democratic challenger Claudia Balducci, one of KCD’s two priority candidates for 2015, ahead of Republican incumbent Jane Hague in the race for King County Council District #6.

Key findings from the poll:

  • In the initial ballot test, Balducci comes in ahead of Hague, receiving 28% to Hague’s 24%
  • After voters learn Hague is a Republican and Balducci is a Democrat, Balducci’s support jumps to 54% while Hague’s barely increases to 27%
EMC Research: Balducci vs. Hague

Courtesy of EMC Research and the Washington State Democrats

King County Democratic Chair Rich Erwin said the state party’s research validated what King County Democrats have long known: Claudia Balducci is an exceptionally strong candidate with proven leadership skills who can win.

“The King County Democrats will be fighting this autumn to ensure that Claudia Balducci is elected to serve the people of the Eastside. We will strive to provide every dollar, phone call and knocked door we can muster for her to become our next sitting member of the King County Council,” Erwin said.

In April 2015, Claudia Balducci became one of the first candidates to be endorsed by the King County Democrats for the 2015 election cycle. Balducci is currently in her third term on the Bellevue City Council and serves as the Mayor of Bellevue.