7.2.3 KCYD Voting Members (Derek Richards)

Author Derek Richards Precinct KCYD Chair Summary/Argument This amendment would change the current proposal of restructuring the voting members for King County Young Democrats to remain at three, the Chair (or any alternates as defined in proposed Section 7.2.56) and two elected KCDCC Reps of different genders. Where as: It is in the interest of ... Read more

Endorsement Committee Role & Responsibility (Gloria Hatcher-Mays)

Author Gloria Hatcher-Mays Precinct NAILA Summary/Argument What does this do: clarify the role of the Endorsement Committee and define partnership between KCDCC and LPO’s in facilitating the successful election of Democrats per our charter as an organization. Text of Change original word file PDF version

Executive Board Amendment Process (Roger Crew)

Author Roger Crew Precinct M-I 41-0789 Summary/Argument This allows the Executive Board to amend the bylaws by 2/3 vote of its representative members. The effective date of the amendment is delayed for 30 days so that PCOs have a chance to respond if they so choose. The vote is null and void if sufficiently many ... Read more

Composition of the Executive Board (Chris Roberts)

Author Chris Roberts Precinct SHL 32-0267 Summary/Argument The proposed revision shrinks the size of the delegation of the 1st, 31st, and 32nd LD by 50% and other districts by 1/3. It is important that there be fairness in the representation of the Executive Board across the county. With redistricting looming, it is possible that more ... Read more

Vacancies in office after September 1 (Chris Roberts)

Author Chris Roberts Precinct SHL 32-0267 Summary/Argument When we get close to the general election, it is not in the best interest in the Party to call a PCO meeting. Our party’s focus should be to elect Democrats to office, meaning a focus on GOTV activities. Text of Change Amend Section 5.3.1. to add a ... Read more

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