King County Democrats endorse Sound Transit 3, take additional ballot measure positions

Good evening from Renton. Tonight, the King County Democrats took positions on a number of ballot measures that are coming before voters in part or all of King County this autumn. Here is a list of the positions taken this evening:


  • Regional Proposition 1 (Sound Transit 3): YES


  • King County Charter Amendment No. 1 (Nonpartisan Prosecuting Attorney): NO
  • King County Charter Amendment No. 2 (Gender-Neutral Language): YES


  • City of Bellevue, Proposition No. 1 (Levy for Fire Facilities): YES
  • City of Bellevue, Proposition No. 2 (Levy for Neighborhood Safety, Connectivity, and Congestion): YES
  • City of Bothell, Proposition No. 1 (Levy for Safe Streets and Sidewalks):
  • City of Duvall, Proposition No. 1 (Nine Year Levy Lid Lift for Big Rock Ballfield Improvements, Employment of a Full-Time School Resource Officer, and IT System Improvements): YES
  • City of Issaquah, Proposition No. 1 (Traffic Improvement Bonds): YES
  • City of Kenmore, Proposition No. 1 (General Obligation Bonds Walkways and Waterways Improvements): YES
  • City of Seattle, Initiative Measure No. 124: YES
  • City of Shoreline, Proposition No. 1 (Basic Public Safety, Parks & Recreation, and Community Services Maintenance and Operations Levy): YES
  • City of Snoqualmie, Proposition No. 1 (Public Safety Levy): YES
  • City of Tukwila, Proposition No. 1 (Public Safety Bonds): YES

School and Special Purpose Districts

  • Auburn School District No. 408 Proposition No. 1 (School Construction and Replacement General Obligation Bonds – $465,056,000): YES
  • Highline School District No. 401, Proposition No. 1 (Bonds to Construct New Schools and Replace and Renovate Deteriorating Schools): YES
  • Kent School District No. 415, Proposition No. 1 (Capital Improvement and School Construction General Obligation Bonds – $252,000,000): YES
  • King County Fire Protection District No. 27, Proposition No. 1 (Levy of General Tax for Maintenance and Operations): YES
  • South King Fire & Rescue, Proposition No. 1 (Levy of General Tax $2,750,000 for Maintenance and Operations): YES
  • Proposed Eastside Regional Fire Authority, Proposition No. 1: YES

Lastly, Guy Palumbo’s automatic endorsement State Senate in the 1st District was affirmed.

Note that the threshold for endorsement of the King County Democrats is a two-thirds vote of those present and voting.

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