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How 1240 could convert your public schoool to a charter school

1240 is advertised as a measure to improve learning. But it is really union busting in disguise. Here’s what 1240 would allow: Scenario: A union-busting organization instigates a few right wing parents to convert an existing school to a charter school. This is not a failing school. Under 1240, ANY school can be flipped. The ... Read more

Understanding Advisory Votes 1 & 2

Q: What do the advisory votes mean on our ballots? Answer: Text of the advisory votes Advisory Vote 1 (Engrossed Senate Bill 6635) The legislature eliminated, without a vote of the people, a business and occupation tax deduction for certain financial institutions’ interest on residential loans, costing $170,000,000 in its first ten years, for government ... Read more

Join Seattle Times Live Chat on 1240

Participate in a live chat on Charter schools, live chat, Oct. 18, noon — Shannon Campion, speaking for Initiative 1240, and an opponent to be named later from the no campaign.

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