How 1240 could convert your public schoool to a charter school

1240 is advertised as a measure to improve learning. But it is really union busting in disguise. Here’s what 1240 would allow:


A union-busting organization instigates a few right wing parents to convert an existing school to a charter school. This is not a failing school. Under 1240, ANY school can be flipped.

The union busters then retain a battalion of attorneys and lobbyists paid for by well-funded right wing anti-union forces.

They push the proposal through the administrative channels and hire expensive expert witnesses for the hearings.

They convince 51% of the parents to vote for the charter school.

The result: your school is flipped from an existing public school to a charter school. The charter school grabs the existing building and all of the equipment and supplies. The teachers are kicked out of the WEA and don’t have access to the statewide union any longer. They can organize only within that individual school. The students who want to stay in the standard public school system are scattered throughout the district into other schools. The school district has to spend the time and money finding other places for these students and the class sizes increase.

This is all made legal by 1240. Whether yor not you use the words “parent trigger,” union busting organizations can pour money into lobbying their way through the hearing processes and flip schools one at a time.

Protect our public school system and Vote No on 1240.

Section 213, pp. 17-20
Section 223, p. 31

Vote No on Referendum 1240.

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