Below you will find resources for candidates, compiled by our amazing KCDCC volunteers:


  • File with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)
  • February 2024 Special Election (,
    • Feb 13, 8:15pm: First report of results posted.
    • Feb 23: Election certified.
  • Presidential Primary Election (,
    • Feb 21: Ballots mailed.
    • March 12: Final day to return ballots.
  • April 2024 Special Election (,
    • April 3: Ballots mailed.
    • April 15: Deadline to register or update your registration online or by mail.
    • April 23: Final day to return ballots.
    • April 23, 8:15pm: First report of results posted.
    • May 3: Election certified.
  • 2024 Candidate Filing (
    • May 6-10: Candidate filing.
    • May 13: Last day to withdraw.
    • May 21: Deadline for Voters’ Pamphlet statements and photographs.
  • 2024 Primary (,
    • Jul 17: Ballots mailed.
    • Jul 29: Deadline to register or update your voter registration online or by mail.
    • Aug 6: Final day to return ballots.
    • Aug 20: Election certified.
  • 2024 General (,
    • Oct 16: Ballots mailed.
    • Oct 28: Deadline to register or update your voter registration online or by mail.
    • Nov 5: Final day to return ballots.
    • Nov 26: Election certified.

King County Democrats Endorsements

If your campaign is not already doing so, you should seek endorsement from the King County Democrats.

Which Legislative Districts (LDs) Cover Your Jurisdiction

Q: Which jurisdictions cross multiple LDs and which are within a single LD?
A: See table below for 2023 information. (To suggest an edit, email: [email protected])

Multiple LD JurisdictionsSingle LD Jurisdictions
Court of Appeals (All)
King County Superior Court (All)
King County (All)
Port of Seattle (All)

Auburn (30, 31, 47)
Bellevue (41, 48)
Burien (33, 34)
Des Moines (30, 33)
Enumclaw (5, 31)
Issaquah (5, 41)
Kent (5, 11, 33, 47)
Kirkland (1, 45, 48)
North Bend (5, 12)
Redmond (45, 48)
Renton (5, 11, 37)
Sammamish (5, 41, 45)
Seattle City Council District 1 (34, 37)
Seattle City Council District 3 (37, 43)
Seattle City Council District 4 (43, 36)
Seattle City Council District 5 (32, 36, 46)
Seattle City Council District 6 (36, 43, 46)
Seattle City Council District 7 (34, 36, 43)

Auburn School District 408 (5, 30, 31, 47)
Bellevue School District 405 (41, 48)
Enumclaw School District 216 (5, 31)
Federal Way School District 210 (30, 31, 33, 47)
Fife School District 417 (30, 31)
Highline School District 401 (11, 33, 34)
Issaquah School District 411 (5, 11, 41, 45)
Kent School District 415 (5, 11, 30, 33, 47)
Lake Washington School District 414 (1, 41, 45, 48)
Northshore School District 417 (1, 45)
Renton School District 403 (5, 11, 33, 37, 41)
Riverview School District 407 (12, 45)
Seattle School District 1 (11, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46)
Shoreline School District 412 (1, 32)
Snoqualmie Valley School District 410 (5, 12, 41, 45)
Tahoma School District 409 (5, 11, 47)
Tukwila School District 406 (11, 33, 34)

Cedar River Water and Sewer District (5, 11, 47)
Coal Creek Utility District (11, 41)
Covington Water District (5, 31)
Des Moines Pool Metro Park District (30, 33)
Enumclaw Fire Department (5, 31)
Fall City Metropolitan Park District (5, 12, 41, 45)
Fall City Water District (5, 12)
Highline Water District (11, 30, 33)
King County Fire Protection District 10 (5, 11, 12, 41, 45)
King County Fire Protection District 2 (33, 34)
King County Fire Protection District 25 (5, 11, 41)
King County Fire Protection District 27 (5, 12, 45)
King County Fire Protection District 31 (30, 47)
King County Fire Protection District 34 (45, 48)
King County Fire Protection District 37 (5, 30, 33, 47)
King County Fire Protection District 38 (5, 12)
King County Fire Protection District 40 (5, 11, 47)
King County Fire Protection District 43 (5, 47)
King County Fire Protection District 45 (12, 45)
King County Water District 119 (12, 45)
King County Water District 125 (11, 33, 37)
King County Water District 20 (11, 33, 34)
King County Water District 90 (5, 11)
Lakehaven Water and Sewer District (30, 31, 33, 47)
Midway Sewer District (30, 33)
Mountain View Fire and Rescue (5, 31, 47)
North City Water District (1, 32)
Northeast Electoral District (1, 5, 12, 41, 45, 48)
Northshore Park & Recreation Service Area (1, 45)
Northshore Utility District (1, 45)
Public Hospital District 1 (5, 11, 30, 33, 37, 41, 47)
Public Hospital District 2 (1, 12, 41, 45, 48)
Public Hospital District 4 (5, 12, 41, 45)
Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (5, 11, 30, 33, 47)
Regional Transportation Authority (1, 5, 11, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 41, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48 – All except 12)
Renton Regional Fire Authority (5, 11, 37, 41)
Rural King County Library System (1, 5, 11, 12, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 37, 41, 45, 47, 48 – All except 36, 43, 46)
Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District (5, 12, 41, 45)
Shoreline Electrical District (1, 32)
Shoreline Park And Recreation District (1, 32)
Si View Metropolitan Park District (5, 12)
Skyway Water and Sewer District (11, 37)
Snoqualmie Pass Fire and Rescue (5, 12)
Snoqualmie Pass Utility District (5, 12)
Soos Creek Water and Sewer District (5, 11, 33, 47)
South King Fire & Rescue (30, 33)
Southeast Electoral District (5, 11, 30, 31, 33, 37, 41, 47)
Southwest Electoral District (11, 30, 31, 33, 34)
Southwest Suburban Sewer District (33, 34)
Unincorporated King County (1, 5, 11, 12, 30, 31, 33, 34, 37, 41, 45, 47, 48)
Valley Regional Fire Authority (30, 31, 47)
Valley View Sewer District (11, 33, 34)
West Electoral District (32, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46)
Woodinville Fire & Rescue (1, 45)
Woodinville Water District (1, 45)
Algona (30)
Beaux Arts Village (41)
Black Diamond (5)
Bothell (1)
Carnation (12)
Clyde Hill (48)
Covington (47)
Duvall (45)
Federal Way (30)
Hunts Point (48)
Kenmore (1)
Lake Forest Park (1)
Maple Valley (5)
Medina (48)
Mercer Island (41)
Milton (31)
Newcastle (41)
Normandy Park (33)
Pacific (30)
SeaTac (33)
Seattle City Council District 2 (37)
Shoreline (32)
Snoqualmie (5)
Skykomish (12)
Tukwila (11)
Woodinville (1)
Yarrow Point (48)

Mercer Island School District 400 (41)
Skykomish School District 404 (39)
Vashon Island School District 402 (34)

East Pierce Fire & Rescue (31)
Highlands Sewer District (32)
King County Airport District (34)
King County Cemetery District 1 (34)
King County Fire Protection District 16 (1)
King County Fire Protection District 20 (37)
King County Fire Protection District 24 (33)
King County Fire Protection District 47 (5)
King County Fire Protection District 50 (12)
King County Water District 1 (48)
King County Water District 117 (41)
King County Water District 123 (5)
King County Water District 19 (34)
King County Water District 49 (33)
King County Water District 54 (33)
Lake Forest Park Water District (1)
Lake Meridian Water District (47)
North Highline Fire District (34)
Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water District (45)
Pierce County Rural Library District (31)
Public Hospital District 5 (34)
Shoreline Fire Department (32)
Stevens Pass Sewer District (12)
Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District (11)
Vashon Island Fire and Rescue (34)
Vashon Sewer District (34)
Vashon-Maury Island Park & Recreation District (34)

(List updated April 8, 2023)

Endorsements Processes of Democratic LD Organizations and KCYD

Q: Where can I learn more about each Democratic Legislative District (LD) organization and the King County Young Democrats (KCYD) endorsements processes?
A: The below table of information and links is compiled by volunteers.

(To suggest an edit, email [email protected])

LD / KCYDInterviews? (2023)Questionnaire? (2023)Endorses Before
Filing Month (2023)
Primary Endorsement
Vote Date (2023)
KCYDRequired, King County DemsNoWed, May 24 and Thurs, May 25
1stOptionalEncouraged, KC Dems or LDNoSat, May 20
5thRequiredRequired, King County Dems Yes, 66.66%Recurring
11thNoRequired, King County DemsNoSat, May 20
30thRequiredRequired, King County DemsYes[1], 50.01%Wed, June 7
31stNoRequired, LDYes, 50.01%Recurring
32ndVaries [2]Required, King County Dems[3]Yes[1], 66.66%Wed, May 3 [1], Sat, May 24
33rdRequiredRequired, KC Dems or LDNoSat, May 20
34thNoRequired, King County DemsNoWed, June 14
36thRequiredRequired, King County DemsNoWed, 5/26
37thNoRequired, King County DemsNoMon, 5/22
41stRequiredRequired, King County DemsNoWed, May 24
43rdNoRequired, King County DemsYes, 60%Tues, June 20
45thRecommendedEncouraged (?), King County DemsYes, 66.66%Wed, May 24 and Wed, June 7
46thNoRequired, King County DemsNoSun, May 21
47thRequiredRequired, King County DemsYes, 66.66%Recurring
48thRequiredRequired, King County DemsNoWed, May 24

[1] Only previously endorsed incumbents
[2] Generally required, but may be optional for previously endorsed incumbents
[3] Also requires 32nd LD Dems civility pledge

(List updated May, 2023)

Campaign Consultants or Campaign Managers for Hire

Q: Does King County Democrats recommend any campaign consultants or campaign managers?
A: No, King County Democrats does not recommend any specific people or businesses.
A: However, King County Democrats volunteers compiled the below list of potential campaign consultants and campaign managers who meet the following criteria: (a) Listed as a Campaign Consultant on a completed questionnaire by a 2021 candidate seeking KC Dems endorsement (as of 4/15/20201), OR (b) Listed as a Campaign Manager on multiple completed questionnaires by 2021 candidates seeking KC Dems endorsements (as of 4/15/2021), OR (c) Listed on Political Consultants of Color Coalition. (To request an edit, email [email protected].)

Name (alpha by last name)Email (domain hyperlinked)Phone
Saghar Amini[email protected] 
Mauricio Ayoninfo at 
Jason Bennettjason at 206-745-2010
Christina Blockerchristina at 
Mario Brownmario.brown at rootspac.com206-496-4666
Tiffany Changtiffany at ulstrategies.com303-842-9651
Michael Fertakisfertakis at ulstrategies.com206-941-4075
Crystal Fincherfincher consulting 
Riall Johnsonriall at prismwashington.com650-520-8397
Matthew Lang[email protected]
Dean Nielsendnielsen at cn4partners.com206-423-0120
Mary Ann Ottingermaryann at methownet.com425-466-0619
Kyler Parriskylerparris at gmail.com425-772-6001
Carla Rogers[email protected]206-432-1998
Olivia Sarriugarteolivia at 
Christian Sindermanchristian at
Taemin Umtaemin at winpowerstrategies.com425-638-9356
Dorian Wallerinfo at archwaycg.com253-319-3003
John Wyblejohn at winpowerstrategies.com206-321-9890
Tai Yang-Abreutai at prismwashington.com425-295-1985
Jeff Zenkjeff at 360-791-5900

(List updated Tuesday, April 25th, 2023)

Campaign Treasurers for Hire

Q: Does King County Democrats recommend any Campaign Treasurers?
A: No, King County Democrats does not recommend any specific people or businesses. 
A: However, King County Democrats volunteers compiled the below list of potential Treasurers who met the following criteria: Were Listed as Treasurer on multiple completed questionnaires by 2021 candidates seeking KC Dems endorsement.

Name (alpha by last name)Email (domain hyperlinked)Phone
Jason Bennettjason at argo.us206-745-2010
Andy Lotreasurer at andy-lo.com206-355-8815
Janet Millerjanetmiller98115 at gmail.com206-669-4924
Josie Olsenjosie at bluewavepolitics.com206-682-7328
Abbot Taylorabbot at abbottaylor.com206-218-3108

(List updated Tuesday, April 27th, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See below for frequently asked questions about the King County Democrats (KC Dems) / King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) endorsements process.  If you have a question not covered below, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: Where is the questionnaire for my race?
A: At this time, candidates for federal legislators, state legislators, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and attorney general should submit the King County Democrats questionnaire. Questionnaires are still being developed for other races appearing on King County ballots this year.

Q: Do questions differ depending on the seat I am running for?
A: Yes, once you specify your type of race and jurisdiction, you will see questions based on the position you select.

Q: Does the Endorsement of the King County Democrats matter?
A: In August 2021, 96 of 104 of candidates endorsed in May or June moved forward to the general election. (Meaning that 94% of our endorsed candidates made it past the primary.) In March 2021 the winner of an 8-way race for King Conservation District was endorsed by the King County Democrats.

Q: Do I need to take a copy of my answers directly to my Legislative District?
A: Each Democratic Legislative District (LD) Chair and endorsements team has access to all submitted questionnaires on a private but shared drive hosted by King County Democrats. However, they might also appreciate you proactively providing them with a copy directly. See instructions directly below for how to save the emailed copy of your submitted responses as a PDF file.

Q: How do I get my completed questionnaire?
A: Your questionnaire responses will be emailed to the email address entered at the top of the questionnaire form. Your answers will be provided in text form, within the email itself, as they are automatically sent to you in the form of a survey response. If you need to turn your answers into a PDF, you can copy and paste the answers into a document (such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs) that will allow you to save as a PDF, email, or print. or you can use your computer’s print function to save the email text as a PDF.

Having a PDF version of your answers may be useful if you are seeking an endorsement from a Legislative District organization that requests a copy of the King County Democrats questionnaire.

To save your answers as a PDF file directly from the email confirmation you receive upon your questionnaire’s completion, you can use your computer’s print function to save the email text as a PDF file.

On Windows: choose File > Print, and choose Adobe PDF as the printer in the print dialog box.

On macOS: choose File > Print, and click on the PDF button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Q: How do I request an additional copy of my questionnaire?
A: If your campaign needs to re-request a copy of your questionnaire, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: How can multiple people collaborate on a questionnaire?
A: You can see the questions in advance (linked at the bottom of this page) and prepare answers at your own pace and submit those answers by filling out the online version of the questionnaire whenever you are ready, so long as you meet our deadlines. You can also save your work and come back to it later (within 30 days of starting the questionnaire). Be sure to save the link on the screen when you save your work for later. We highly recommend that you enter your email address as well, to have the link sent to you.

While timing is mostly up to you, we highly recommend that you complete your questionnaire and submit it to us as soon as possible, so that we can schedule an interview with you as soon as possible. There will likely be more than a thousand candidates running across the county this year, and scheduling interviews with all of them will be taxing for our team of volunteers. The best way to ensure that you are able to complete the interview process in time is to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.

Q: Is training available for candidates?
A: Yes. Below are some organizations that provide training that may be relevant to candidates:

Above is likely an incomplete list. To suggest an addition, please email us at [email protected].

Q: Does the King County Democrats have a list of recommended campaign staff?
A: No, King County Democrats does not maintain a list of recommended or preferred staff. We have been informed of several campaign consultants and managers and campaign treasurers available for hire.

Q: Will I be invited to interview, and when?
A: You will receive an email from us within 3 days of submitting your questionnaire. This email will include the next steps that you will need to take in the endorsement process. For candidates whose race crosses multiple Legislative Districts (LDs), we will send you a Calendly link to schedule an interview with us. If your race falls within a single LD, you will need to contact that LD to follow their endorsement procedures.

Q: When is my first chance to get endorsed by the King County Democrats?
A: Nothing has been determined for candidates for offices appearing in the 2024 general election. Endorsement opportunities are likely to open at the KCDCC meeting at the end of May.

Q: Does the KC Dems Endorsements Committee recommend for “early” endorsements prior to the close of filing?
A: No. The KCDCC Endorsement Procedures requires recommendations be made after the end of the filing period. See Rule I, Section 4.

Q: What is the voting threshold for Endorsement?
A: Majority (>50%) if recommended by the KC Dems Endorsements Committee, two-thirds (>66.66%) if eligible but not recommended by the KC Dems Endorsements Committee. See Bylaws Section 8.3.6.

Q: Who votes for KC Dems endorsements?
A: The King County Democrats Central Committee of approximately 60 people. This organization consists of the elected KCDCC officers, LD Dems Chairs, King County Young Democrats (KCYD) Chair, and up to two representatives from each LD Dems organization and KCYD. See Bylaws Section 7.2. As of April 2023, the voting members of the KCDCC Executive Board are:

1ChairKen Lapp
1KCDCC RepresentativeBrittany Miles
5ChairMary Williams
5KCDCC RepresentativeRoger Ledbetter
5KCDCC RepresentativeJen Carter
11ChairJasmie Ines
11KCDCC RepresentativeCarmen Rivera
11KCDCC RepresentativeChris Franco
12ChairAlma Chacon
12KCDCC RepresentativeDiana Philips
30ChairSam Rise
30KCDCC RepresentativeVivian Alexander
30KCDCC RepresentativeTim Burns
31ChairSarah Edwards
31KCDCC RepresentativeMarina Karnavas
32ChairChris Roberts
32KCDCC RepresentativeCarolyn Ahlgreen
33ChairJackie Boschok
33KCDCC RepresentativeJosh Wilmot
33KCDCC RepresentativeKrystal Marx
34ChairGraham Murphy
34KCDCC RepresentativeTed Barker
34KCDCC RepresentativeBunny Hatcher
36ChairTyler Crone
36KCDCC RepresentativeStephanie Celt
36KCDCC RepresentativeShep Saluksy
37ChairMary Scanlon
37KCDCC RepresentativeLyn McKay
37KCDCC RepresentativeKhalid Bull
41ChairJeremy Barksdale
41KCDCC RepresentativeMichelle Valverde
41KCDCC RepresentativeCollin Jergens
43ChairPaul Chapman
43KCDCC RepresentativeSophia Lee
43KCDCC RepresentativeAndrew Ashiofu
45ChairKaren Tennyson
45KCDCC RepresentativeVishal Misri
45KCDCC RepresentativeCelia Wu
46ChairHunter Brown
46KCDCC RepresentativeGalaxy Marshall
46KCDCC RepresentativeAlex Philips-White
47ChairCatherine Esterly-Williams
47KCDCC RepresentativeRita Miller
47KCDCC RepresentativeLaura Williams
48ChairLisa Weber
48KCDCC RepresentativeHanna Floss
48KCDCC RepresentativeDwight Rousu
KCYDChairMaliq Phakdymanivong
KCYDKCDCC Rep #1Julian Mydlil
KCDCCKing County DemocratsElected Officers
KCDCCChairCarrie Barnes
KCDCC1st Vice ChairJeremy Barksdale
KCDCCState Committee MemberCarmen Rivera
KCDCCState Committee MemberChris Franco
KCDCCVice Chair, CommunicationsRaven Tyler
KCDCCVice Chair, OutreachYvette Maganya
KCDCCVice Chair, FundraisingMason Thompson
KCDCCKCD SecretaryKristiana de Leon
KCDCCKCD TreasurerMelissa Taylor

Q: Are there any rules to prevent conflicts of interest?
A: Yes. Everyone who participates in the KC Dems endorsements process during the interview phase has signed a Conflict of Interest policy, where they agree to disclose any cumulative donations larger than $600 over the course of the past calendar year to any individual candidate, as well as volunteer time given to any individual candidate in an amount greater than 40 hours during this calendar year, any endorsements of any candidates, and any familial, financial, or personal relationships to candidates. If any of our volunteers have any of the above to disclose related to any candidate who asks to be interviewed by our KCDCC Endorsements Committee, those volunteers will be asked to excuse themselves from any processes related to that particular race.

All of our volunteers also sign a confidentiality agreement, agreeing to not share information about discussions or interview performances outside of the committee.

Q: Do other Democratic organizations endorse?
A: Yes, every Democratic Legislative District group in King County, as well as King County Young Democrats, conduct their own endorsements processes. See Legislative District Democrats organizations and King County Young Democrats.

Q: Do I need to be endorsed by other organizations to be considered by KC Dems?
A: This depends.  If your jurisdiction crosses two or more Legislative Districts (LDs), you can be considered directly by KC Dems.  If your jurisdiction is within a single LD, you must be endorsed by that LD Dems organization to be endorsed by KC Dems. From Bylaws Section 8.3.6: “Candidates and measures that appear on ballots in a single legislative district shall be eligible to receive the KCDCC’s endorsement only if they are endorsed by the Legislative District Organization for that legislative district.”

If you are running for a position entirely within a single LD (ex: State Senator, Duvall City Council), or supporting or opposing a ballot measure that is entirely within a single LD (ex: Mercer Island School Levy), you must be endorsed by the relevant LD Democratic organization before you can be endorsed by the King County Democrats. In this case, you will want to contact the Chair or Endorsements Chair of that legislative district organization and schedule yourself into that LD’s process.

Suggest an Addition or Edit

If you have an additional suggestion for information to be added to this page, please email us at [email protected].

Updated February 15, 2024