2020 Reorganization Meeting Hub


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Proposed Agenda

KCDCC Reorganization Meeting 
Saturday, December 5th
12:00 noon

  1. Welcome by Reorg Planning Chair, Sharon Mast
  2. Acknowledgement of Tribal Lands, Former Senator Claudia Kauffman and Muckleshoot Tribe Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison
  3. National Anthem
  4. Appointment of Temporary Chair, Councilmember Rod Dembowski
  5. Call to Order by Temporary Chair
  6. Appointment of Temporary Officers by Temporary Chair
    1. Secretary 
    2. Parliamentarian 
    3. Sergeant-at-Arms
    4. Tally Committee 
  7. Credentials Report
  8. Adoption of Agenda
  9. Adoption of Meeting Rules
  10. Election of County Chair
  11. Brief Remarks by County Chair
  12. Appointment of Permanent Officers by County Chair
  13. Election of Other Officers and Intermittent Guest Speakers
    1. State Committee Members
    2. First Vice-Chair
    3. Vice-Chair for Communications
    4. Treasurer
    5. Vice-Chair for Outreach
    6. Secretary
    7. Vice-Chair for Fundraising
  14. Closing Statement
  15. Good of the Order
  16. Adjournment


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I register for the meeting?
A: If you are a PCO, complete this form: https://www.kcdems.org/2020-reorg-pco-registration/
A: If you would like to view the livestream as a guest: https://www.kcdems.org/2020-reorganization-meeting-hub/

Q: How do I attend the meeting?
A: The meeting will be held as a Zoom webinar on Saturday, 12/5 at 12 noon. Meeting information with both hyperlink, Webinar ID, and dial-in numbers was emailed to registered PCOs and will be emailed again on Fri, 12/4 at 12 noon and Sat, 12/5 at 9am. Registrations will also get the meeting info shortly before Sat, 12/5 at 12 noon.

Q: How do I vote?
A: Hyperlinks will be posted in the Zoom chat for each vote.  Submit your vote via web form including email address and six-digit voting code. (The Tally Committee has special arrangements for anyone who registers as phone-only to record their vote.)

Q: How do I (re-)request my voting code?
A: Please email Credentials@KCDems.org to request or re-request your voting code.  For efficiency, please include your Name, Mailing Address, Phone, and any other email addresses you may have used for filing for PCO.

Q: What if I can’t submit my vote?
A: Please contact Tally@KCDems.org to ensure your email and voting code are accurate.

Q: How do I know if my vote was recorded?
A: After submitting your vote, you will get an automated email to your registered email address confirming your vote.  If your email doesn’t match, you will be contacted by the ballot curing team.  If you do not get a confirmation email this after a few minutes, please contact Tally@KCDems.org.  

Q: I changed my mind, how can I update my vote?
A: You can re-submit your vote using the same ballot URL, email, and voting code.  The last vote you submit will be recorded.  

Q: How much time will people have to vote?
A: Voting will be open for five (5) minutes unless the Tally Committee requests additional time.

Q: Can I vote in advance?
A: No, because there can be nominations from the floor, ballots will not open until after candidate nominations and speeches.  

Q: How can I vote if I’m only connected via phone?
A: The tally committee has volunteers dedicated to assisting phone-only voters.

Q: How do I request the floor to make a nomination or motion?
A: To request the floor, submit via Zoom’s Q&A function.
A: If you are phone-only, you can TXT: 360-610-7272.

Q: What can I post in Q&A?
A: Please treat Q&A like a microphone and only post requests such as a motion, nomination, or speech.
A: For a virtual hallway conversation, please visit: https://www.kcdems.org/2020-reorganization-meeting-hub/
A: For help with credentials, tally, or tech help: credentials@kcdems.org, tally@kcdems.org, and TechHelp@kcdems.org

Q: Is there a forum for discussion?
A: Yes, https://www.kcdems.org/2020-reorganization-meeting-hub/

Q: Can someone who is not a PCO watch the meeting?
A: Yes, https://www.kcdems.org/2020-reorganization-meeting-hub/

Q: Where can I find a list of King County PCOs?
A: PCOs eligible to vote can be seen here for uncontested races and here for the contested ones. PCOs currently registered for the meeting can be viewed here.

Q: Can I amend the King County Democrats Bylaws?
A: This is described in section 11.2: https://www.kcdems.org/bylaws/bylaws.xml#AXI-11.2 
A: Bylaw amendments require advance notice and no amendments were submitted with sufficient notice before the reorganization meeting.
A: Bylaws and platform may be considered at a future meeting.

About KCDems

The King County Democrats have a long history of successful activism and winning elections. Across the County we have elected a Democratic County Executive, Assessor, Sheriff, 6 out of 9 County Councilmembers, and 4 out of 5 Port Commissioners.

Statewide, we have ensured that Democrats have held the Governor’s mansion for four decades, We have lifted Democratic U.S. Senators to victory in every race they’ve run going back twenty-two years. We are proud to have awarded all of our electoral votes to Democrats every presidential election cycle since 1988.

Our party and our success has been built from our volunteers working countless hours to share our message with voters across King County. We truly thank every voter, volunteer, precinct committee officer and leader who have made our party strong and successful.