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Welcome! Congratulations on being elected as the Precinct Committee Officer for the two-year term beginning December 1st, 2022. Please read the entirety of this page, as it contains critical information on your upcoming duties as a duly elected member of the Democratic Party. One of your most important responsibilities is to select the leadership of the Democratic Party for the upcoming term, at both the County and the Legislative District (LD) levels.

King County Democrats (KCD) will hold its reorganization meeting at 12pm, Sunday, December 11th in a virtual meeting to elect its leadership for the upcoming two-year term.

For identification purposes, you must register for the Reorganization Meeting. You must be virtually present to participate in the voting, and you must have a credential code to vote. Your credential has been mailed to you via USPS — If you haven’t received your credentials in the mail by Saturday, Nov 26th, PLEASE EMAIL credentials AT to get your credential code.


Visit the candidate information page to know the candidates running and the positions they are running for. Attend the candidate forum on December 11th to hear from the candidates in contested races.

Review the PCO Checklist below and make sure you have your credential code, your Zoom is up to date, and you know how to vote.

Familiarize yourself with the rules, agenda, candidates, and other materials ahead of the meeting (we will update here as they become available).

Key Dates

Note: The County and LD Reorganization meetings are the two statutory duties for PCOs. All others are entirely at your preference, although we do strongly recommend attending one of the virtual meeting trainings.

Date & TimeDescription
Saturday, November 26th, 11:59pmFiling deadline for candidates for a KCD officer position to be included in email to PCOs and website listings
Saturday, December 3rd, 11:59pmFiling deadline for candidates for a KCD officer position to be included in candidate forum
Sunday, December 4th, 1:00-3:00pmHow to Run a Virtual Meeting: training for aspiring LD chairs and leadership, includes parliamentary procedure and virtual meeting management
Tuesday, December 6th, 6:00-9:00pmSwearing in and welcome of elected PCOs; candidate forum; virtual meeting training #1
Sunday, December 11th, 10:00am-12:00pmVirtual meeting training #2 (same content as Dec. 1) and practice voting
Sunday, December 11th, 12:00pm-closeKing County Democrats Reorganization Meeting. These have varied from 1-6 hours, depending on the number of candidates and rounds of voting. Please plan for at least 3 hours. You must register to receive the meeting connection info.
December and JanuaryLegislative District Reorganization Meetings. Schedule TBD. Will update here as we receive the dates and times.

PCOs: Checklist for Preparing for Re-org

  1. Check your USPS mail for your letter with credential code (if you don’t have credentials by 11/20, you *must* email credentials AT to get your credential code)
  2. Register
  3. Add the relevant dates to your calendar
  4. Review Meeting Rules and Parliamentary Procedure Tip Sheet
  5. Review candidate materials
  6. (optional) Attend candidate forum and virtual meeting training
  7. Attend Reorganization

Register for Reorganization

The only eligible voters during the biennial reorganization are the PCOs who were elected this year, whose two-year term begins on December 1st, 2022. A list of who filed is here and who won contested races is here. All elected PCOs should have received a manila envelope via USPS with their personal credential code and PCO certificate. Email credentials AT if you did not receive the envelope with the letter.

Reorganization Rules and Parliamentary Procedure

For your first several Democratic Party meetings, working with the meeting rules and parliamentary procedure can feel intimidating. If this is your first reorganization meeting, please try to attend one of the virtual meeting trainings or at least watch a recording.

The King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) is comprised of representatives from the 17 Legislative Districts that intersect King County. At our October meeting, we voted to recommend the following rules for the Reorganization meeting. One of the first votes you will take is on whether to adopt these rules as proposed.

Run for King County Democrats Officer Position

There are nine elected officer positions for the County Party defined in the Bylaws, and then the remainder of the KCDCC is elected at the LD Reorganization meetings. Voting on these candidates is the primary business of the Reorganization meeting. Although candidates may declare or be nominated until the time of the election, candidates who declare by Saturday, November 26th will have their statements posted here by Wednesday, November 30th, and candidates who declare by Saturday, December 3rd are able to participate in the candidate forum on Tuesday, December 6th. You can self-nominate ahead of the meeting here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Reorganization?
    • Washington State law establishes the basic functions of the major political parties in RCW 29A.80, which includes biennial (re)organization meetings where the incoming elected precinct committee officers (PCOs) in turn elect party leadership. Both the PCOs and the leadership serve two-year terms, with no term limits.
  • What do I do if I did not receive my PCO letter and/or do not have my personal credential code by Saturday, November 26th?
    • Please email credentials AT
  • I cannot make the meeting. Can I send an alternate or proxy?
    • No. You must be virtually present to vote.
  • How do I request technical help with Zoom?
    • Email techhelp AT
  • Which PCOs are eligible to vote?
    • By state law (see above), only elected PCOs may vote in organization meetings.
    • Prior appointments were for the concluding term and will all terminate on November 30th.
    • New appointments cannot be made until both County and LD Chairs have been elected at their respective reorg meetings.
    • PCOs eligible to vote can be seen here for uncontested races and here for contested ones.
  • How will voting work?
    • Voting will be via Google Forms which requires both your registered email address and credential code. The credential code will arrive via a USPS letter — please keep it handy both for registration and for voting.
    • Also, please plan to attend one of the virtual meeting trainings in order to ensure you’re familiar with the voting process.
  • Are the Virtual Meeting Trainings on Dec 6th and 11th the same? Do I need to attend both?
    • The planned content is the same, and the purpose is to ensure that your technology is all working and that you are familiar with the voting and participation options.
  • Can non-PCOs attend the meeting?
  • I am unable to use Zoom. What are my options for participating?
    • There is an accommodation request field on the registration form. Our team will work with you to identify possible solutions.