Non-Voting Members (Chris Roberts)

Chris Roberts
SHL 32-0267


Section 3.1 is clear about who the voting members are. Section 3.2 gives rights (including the right to attend all KCDCC meetings [not defined], speak and make motions) to anyone across the world who desires to volunteer and agrees to have their name listed as a members. Theoretically, Glenn Morgan and Tim Eyman can donate a dollar to KCDCC and have these rights at our meetings.

During KCDCC meetings, the Chair (or the body) can grant speaking or other limited rights to guests, so the entire section is unnecessary and can cause problems for the organization. DNC members, LD officers, and others have rights described in other places in the bylaws.

Because a KCDCC meeting is not specifically defined in other parts of the bylaws, it could be argued that a committee meeting of the KCDCC would also be open to all non-voting members, including endorsement committee meetings, and other sensitive meetings.

Nothing in the bylaws prevents guests from attending meetings of the KCDCC.

Text of Change

Delete Section 3.2 in its entirety

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