King County Democrats 2016 Legislative Agenda

11/24/15 Rev. 2.0 (PDF)

  1. Revenue & Tax Reform:
    • Progressive new revenue, including capital gains tax, to fulfill the state’s paramount duty to amply fund Basic Education in compliance with the McCleary decision (Budget)
    • Close corporate tax exemptions that lack accountable performance objectives and results
    • Require the Legislature to adopt a Tax Expenditure Budget (HB1239/SB5492)
    • Support Washington Investment Trust (i.e., state bank) (SB5553)
  2. Education:

    • Increase school construction funding as required by McCleary (Capital Budget)
    • Eliminate high stakes testing as a high school graduation requirement; reduce required testing to the minimum required by federal law
    • Restore a fair and accessible nonprofit GED test (SB5676;HB1743)
    • Significantly increase the state’s share of higher education costs
    • Support free tuition for two years of public college and technical school (Budget)
  3. Election Reform:

    • Support I-735 requesting the legislature to ask Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution to affirm that corporations are not people and money is not speech
    • Require campaign disclosure of “dark money” spending by nonprofits (SB5153)
    • Automatically register U.S. citizens to vote when they apply for a driver’s license or ID
  4. Environment:

    • Support the introduction of a meaningful price on carbon in WA State
    • Defend renewable energy standards & solar production initiatives
  5. Labor:

    • Raise the minimum wage statewide towards a goal of a living wage (HB 1355/SB5285)
    • Provide paid sick leave for workers statewide (HB1356)
    • Pass wage theft bills ( e.g., HB1354/SB5569)
  6. Housing and Human Services:

    • Increase the social safety net, especially for homeless children and families
    • Increase low-income housing in the capital budget
    • Reform and effectively fund the public mental health delivery system with a focus on preventive and supportive services (study bill)
    • Pass the Fair Tenant Screening Act—accurate, portable background checks (HB1257, SB5123)
    • Disallow rental discrimination based on Sec. 8, government or other sources of income (HB1565, SB5378)
    • Restore local authority over the ability to regulate rents
  7. Criminal Justice:

    • Pass criminal and juvenile justice reform, including Legal Financial Obligations (HB1390), Certificates of Restoration (HB1553), Ban the Box (HB1701) and Racial Impact Statements (SB5752)
    • Re-institute parole and support ex-prisoner re-entry programs
    • Pass a workable medical cannabis regulation that respects the needs of patients
    • Repeal the death penalty (HB1739/SB5639)
  8. Health Care:

    • Pass the Reproductive Health Act
    • Oppose parental notification requirements for reproductive health services (SB5289)
    • Support health care for all Washingtonians by 2020 (HB 1025/SB 5132 and HB 1321/SB5305)

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