2015 Legislative Agenda

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  1. Revenue & Tax Reform:
    • Pass a capital gains tax on the wealthy to raise additional revenue to fund Basic Education and meet McCleary obligations
    • Close corporate tax exemptions that lack accountable performance objectives and results in terms of living-wage jobs and other measurable community benefits
    • Require the Legislature to adopt a Tax Expenditure Budget as part of the state biennial budget appropriations process
  2. Transportation:
    • Authorize sustainable local, regional and state funding for transit
    • Move people and freight safely and efficiently while minimizing carbon pollution
  3. Election Reform:
    • Send a resolution to Congress calling for a constitutional amendment that corporations are not people and money is not speech
    • Require campaign disclosure of “dark money” spending by nonprofits
    • Support initiative reform
  4. Education:
    • Fully fund K-12 Basic Education consistent with the McCleary order
    • Restore 70% state share of higher ed funding (2002) vs. students’ share 30%
    • Support school construction in the state capital budget
    • Support funding for two free years of college or technical school
  5. Environment:
    • Pass a carbon pollution cap and trade system to make polluters pay
    • Pass the Oil Transportation Safety Act
  6. Labor:
    • Pass a capital budget focused on repairing infrastructure to create jobs
    • Raise the minimum wage statewide towards a goal of a living wage
    • Provide paid sick leave for workers statewide
    • Pass wage theft bills
  7. Housing and Human Services:
    • Maintain the social safety net: Homeless, hungry, sick children can’t learn.
    • Fund low-income housing in the capital budget at the highest level possible, with $100 million recommended
    • Create a Medicaid Supportive Housing Services benefit
  8. Criminal Justice:
    • Pass sentencing and juvenile justice system reform
    • Pass a workable medical cannabis regulation that respects the needs of patients.
    • Repeal the death penalty
  9. Reproductive Rights:
    • Pass the Reproductive Health Act
    • Oppose parental notification requirements for reproductive health services

(approved 1/27/2015 by the KCDCC Executive Board)

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