Information for Candidates

Thank you for your interest in receiving an endorsement from the King County Democrats. For the 2017 election cycle, you will need to fill out one of the following six (6) questionnaires, depending on which office you are running for:

  • State Legislature Questionnaire (Word)
  • Judicial Questionnaire [appeals court and municipal court positions] (Word)
  • County Questionnaire [KC county-wide offices and council positions] (Word)
  • Port of Seattle Questionnaire (Word)
  • School District Questionnaire (Word)
  • Municipal Questionnaire [city councils, mayors, and all non-school/port special district commissioners] (Word)

Fill out the questionnaire as though you were being asked questions in a public forum, with television cameras rolling in the back of the room and newspaper reporters scribbling furiously. Once you are finished, email your completed questionnaire to questionnaires@kcdems.org. You must submit your questionnaire directly to KCDCC to be considered.

We ask you to submit your questionnaire to the above email address only. This will help us in our efforts to protect your answers from being mined by operatives working for your opponent(s).

At a minimum, your questionnaire must be received seven days in advance of a meeting if you want your candidacy to be considered at that meeting; this particular requirement is in our bylaws and cannot be waived or suspended. Note that you will most likely want to get your questionnaire in much earlier than this.

Thus, e.g., to be eligible for consideration at the May 23rd, 2017 KCDCC executive board meeting, you must submit your questionnaire by the end of the day (11:59 PM PDT) on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.

If you are a legislative candidate, to be eligible for consideration, you must have received the endorsement of your respective Democratic legislative organization. You may submit your questionnaire even if you haven’t received this endorsement, but note we will be unable to further consider your request until you earn the endorsement of your LD.

After submitting your questionnaire, make an appointment to interview with the Endorsements Committee by touching base with one of the Endorsements Chairs:

Candidates who sit down with the committee have a much higher likelihood of being recommended and/or endorsed.

All candidates who have submitted questionnaires are listed here; this list will update at least every few days (and also on the 7th day before any meeting).

You may also wish to review our full endorsement procedures. There are minor changes from 2016.

Past endorsements

To view endorsements for previous years: