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Congratulations endorsed candidates who are winning or within 20 votes! (Percentages as of Friday, November 5th)

Events for Endorsed Candidates

ACTION: Please volunteer to support our endorsed candidates: https://www.kcdems.org/2021-canvass-volunteer-sign-up/

Below are additional events from our endorsed candidates submitted by campaigns and volunteers

Endorsed candidates can also submit events for inclusion in periodic emails to activists.

2021 Endorsed Candidates

Please vote for endorsed candidates on your General Election ballot:

Additional Candidate Events

Below are events from candidates who completed the King County Democrats questionnaire indicating they are a Democrat (or candidate for Judicial office) and the King County Democrats has not endorsed any candidates in their current race. (updated Sat, 7/17, submit event)

Information for Candidates

Thank you for your interest in an endorsement from the King County Democrats. To receive an endorsement from the King County Democrats, you must complete a questionnaire. This is also required by many King County legislative district (LD) Democrats organizations. See our 2022 Endorsements page for more information. You may also review our full endorsement procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see the Candidate Resources page.

Updated: Wednesday, December 29th, 2021