2021 Endorsements

Thank you for supporting our endorsed candidates for King Conservation District and see below for information for other 2021 candidates.

Events for Endorsed Candidates

Please support our endorsed candidates: (updated Wed, 7/28, submit event)

King Conservation District (KCD)

Congratulations to endorsed candidate Brittney Bush Bollay who won the March 2021 election (official results) with over 23% of the vote in the 8-way race. Thank you to everyone who voted for one of our endorsed candidates for King Conservation District Supervisor, Position 3 (Brittney Bush Bollay, Kali Clark, John Comerford, Melissa Tatro)

2021 Endorsed Candidates

Congratulations to candidates endorsed at our meetings on May 27th and June 22nd including:

Additional Candidate Events

Below events from candidates who completed the King County Democrats questionnaire indicating they are a Democrat and the King County Democrats has not endorsed any candidates in their current race. (updated Sat, 7/17, submit event)

Information for 2021 Candidates

Thank you for your interest in an endorsement from the King County Democrats. To receive an endorsement from the King County Democrats, you must complete a questionnaire. This is also required by many King County legislative district (LD) Democrats organizations.

Note: The first few pages and final page are the same for all candidates, Questions starting on page #6 will differ based on position selected.

Completed questionnaires will be submitted via web.
You must submit your questionnaire directly to KCDCC via web to be considered. Questionnaires forwarded from a LD Democrats, King County Young Democrats, or a Democratic club will not be accepted.

On the final page of the questionnaire, campaigns can request a PDF copy of their questionnaire for submission to LD Democrats, Young Democrats, or other organizations.

If you are running for a position entirely within a single LD (ex: WA State Senator, Duvall City Council), or supporting or opposing a ballot measure entirely within a single LD (ex: Mercer Island School Levy), you must be endorsed by the relevant LD Democratic organization before you can be endorsed by the King County Democrats. In this case, you will want to contact the Chair or Endorsements Chair of that legislative district organization and schedule yourself in the LD’s process.

You may review our full endorsement procedures.

Submitted Questionnaires

As of Saturday, June 12th at 6:30 AM, the following campaigns have submitted questionnaires to King County Democrats indicating they are a Democrat. Candidates for Judge are listed further below. ** Indicates candidates endorsed by the King County Democrats on Thursday, May 27th, 2021. Additional endorsement recommendations will be considered on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021.
(Sorted by jurisdiction, race, and candidate last name, Updated by volunteers 1x-2x per week)

These campaigns submitted questionnaires indicating they are a candidate for Judge:

(Information from submitted questionnaires. To update, please submit a request.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See below for frequently asked questions about the King County Democrats (KC Dems) / King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) endorsements process.  If you have a question not covered below, please request help.

Q: Where is the questionnaire for my race?
A: All races for 2021 should use: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDQ2021

Q: Are there different questions for my race?
A: Yes, after the first few pages, you will see different questions based on the position you select.

Q: Can I see the questions on the questionnaire in advance?
A: Yes, volunteer members of the committee created unofficial copies of example questionnaires. These are updated as of Wednesday, April 7th, 2021:

Q: How do I get my completed questionnaire?
A: On the final page of your submission, check the box “Please email a copy of my completed submission to the campaign email address.  I understand it may take 24-48 hours (or more) for my completed submission to be emailed.” This may be useful if you are seeking endorsement from LD Democrats organizations that request a copy of the King County Democrats questionnaire.

Q: How do I request an additional copy of my questionnaire?
A: If your campaign needs to re-request a copy of your questionnaire, please submit a request.

Q: How do I edit/update my questionnaire?
A: If you have not deleted cookies on the web browser you used to complete the questionnaire:
1. Browse to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDQ2021
2. Make your edit(s), Click [Next] to get to the final page, Click [Done]
3. Submit a request to use the updated questionnaire via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDemsEndorsementsHelp
A: If you have deleted cookies or otherwise don’t have access to the web browser used to complete the questionnaire:
1. Complete a new questionnaire via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDQ2021
2. (CONSULTANTS: DO NOT OVERWRITE an existing questionnaire!)
3. Submit a request to use the updated questionnaire via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDemsEndorsementsHelp

Q: How can multiple people collaborate on a questionnaire?
A: You can see the questions in advance (linked above); prepare answers in advance prior to submission using a GoogleDoc, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, etc.; and a group can collaboratively edit with one person sharing screen via Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.

Q: Is training available for candidates?
A: Yes. Below are some organizations that provide training that may be relevant to candidates:

Above is likely an incomplete list. To suggest an addition, please submit a request.

Q: Does the King County Democrats have a list of recommended campaign staff?
A: No, King County Democrats does not maintain a list of recommend or preferred staff, however we maintain a list of Campaign Consultants, Campaign Treasurers, and Campaign Managers available for hire on our Candidate Resources page.

Q: Will I be invited to interview, and when?
A: The Endorsements Committee leadership will be reaching-out to invite candidates to interview. Invitations started in early April and candidate interviews stated on Saturday, April 10th. Candidates can expect communication AFTER completion of a KC Dems Questionnaire.

Q: When is my first chance to get endorsed by the King County Democrats?
A: On Tuesday, March 9th, the Chair of the King County Democrats indicated a likelihood of meeting on Thursday, May 27th but this meeting has not been formally called.

Q: Does the KC Dems Endorsements Committee recommend for “early” endorsements prior to the close of filing?
A: No.  The KCDCC Endorsement Procedures requires recommendations be made after the end of the filing period. See Rule I, Section 4.

Q: What is the voting threshold for Endorsement?
A: Majority (>50%) if recommended by the KC Dems Endorsements Committee, two-thirds (>66.66%) if eligible but not recommended by the KC Dems Endorsements Committee.  See Bylaws Section 8.3.6.

Q: Who votes for KC Dems endorsements?
A: The KCDCC Executive Board of approximately 60 people.  This is the elected KCDCC officers, LD Dems Chairs, King County Young Democrats (KCYD) Chair, and up to two representatives from each LD Dems organization and KCYD.  See Bylaws Section 7.2. As of May 2021, the voting members of the KCDCC Executive Board are:

1ChairKen Lapp
1KCDCC RepresentativeCarston Curd
5ChairMary Williams
5KCDCC RepresentativeJen Carter
5KCDCC RepresentativeRoger Ledbetter
11ChairBenton Coblentz
11KCDCC RepresentativeTyrone Grandison
11KCDCC RepresentativeCarmen Rivera
30ChairAllison Fine
30KCDCC RepresentativeJulie Aulava
30KCDCC RepresentativeFrank James
31ChairBrian Gunn
31KCDCC RepresentativeMark Dunning
32ChairChris Roberts
32KCDCC RepresentativeDean Fournier
33ChairTerri Lindeke
33KCDCC RepresentativeDon Bennett
33KCDCC RepresentativeKarlena Albery
34ChairCarla Rogers
34KCDCC RepresentativeNorm Sigler
34KCDCC RepresentativeLeah Griffin
36ChairNicole Gomez
36KCDCC RepresentativeSarah Reyneveld
36KCDCC RepresentativeMackenzie Macannich
37ChairStephen Reed
37KCDCC RepresentativePhyllis Porter
37KCDCC RepresentativeBrandon Hersey
39ChairJordan Sears
41ChairKarol Brown
41KCDCC RepresentativePamela Stuart
41KCDCC RepresentativeNazir Harb
43ChairScott Alspach
43KCDCC RepresentativeTara Gallagher
43KCDCC RepresentativeEfrain Hudnell
45ChairLinda Jenkins
45KCDCC RepresentativeCelia Wu
45KCDCC RepresentativeAjay Chakrapani
46ChairJulie Anne Kempf
46KCDCC RepresentativeAnne Udaloy
46KCDCC RepresentativeHunter Brown
47ChairCatherine Esterly-Williams
47KCDCC RepresentativeRita Miller
47KCDCC RepresentativeBrandon Dotson
48ChairLisa Weber
48KCDCC RepresentativeHanna Floss
48KCDCC RepresentativeDwight Rousu
YDChairYuan Tao
YDKCDCC Rep #1Rebeca Muniz
YDKCDCC Rep #2Niko Battle
KCDCCChairShasti Conrad
KCDCCVice ChairScott Forbes
KCDCCState Committee MemberVarisha Khan
KCDCCState Committee MemberDavid Hackney
KCDCCVice ChairSarah Toce
KCDCCVice ChairChris Franco
KCDCCVice ChairJessica Eggert
KCDCCKCD SecretaryChristy Wood
KCDCCKCD TreasurerMelissa Taylor

Q: Are there any rules to prevent conflicts of interest?
A: Yes, the KC Dems Bylaws and Rules Committee prepared a detailed PROPOSED conflict of interest policy. The KC Dems Endorsements Committee and KCDCC Executive Board are doing a trial of this for 2021.

Q: Do other Democratic organizations endorse?
A: Yes, every legislative district (LD) Democrats group in King County and KCYD have endorsed in the past.  See Legislative District Democrats organizations and King County Young Democrats.

Q: Do I need to be endorsed by other organizations to be considered by KC Dems?
A: This depends.  If your jurisdiction crosses two or more LDs, you can be considered directly by KC Dems.  If your jurisdiction is within a single LD, you must be endorsed by that LD Dems organization to be endorsed by KC Dems. From Bylaws Section 8.3.6: “Candidates and measures that appear on ballots in a single legislative district shall be eligible to receive the KCDCC’s endorsement only if they are endorsed by the Legislative District Organization for that legislative district.”

If you are running for a position entirely within a single LD (ex: State Senator, Duvall City Council), or supporting or opposing a ballot measure entirely within a single LD (ex: Mercer Island School Levy), you must be endorsed by the relevant LD Democratic organization before you can be endorsed by the King County Democrats. In this case, you will want to contact the Chair or Endorsements Chair of that legislative district organization and schedule yourself in the LD’s process.

Q: Which jurisdictions cross multiple LDs and which are within a single LD?
A: See table below:

Multiple LDsSingle LD
King County (All)
Port of Seattle (All)

Auburn (30, 31, 47)
Bellevue (41, 48)
Bothell (1, 45)
Burien (33, 34)
Covington (5, 47)
Des Moines (30, 33)
Issaquah (5, 41)
Kent (11, 33, 47)
Kirkland (1, 45, 48)
Redmond (45, 48)
Renton (11, 33, 37, 41)
Sammamish (41, 45)
Seattle (11, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46)

Auburn School District (30, 31, 47)
Bellevue School District (41, 48)
Enumclaw School District (5, 31)
Federal Way School District (30, 33, 47)
Highline School District (11, 33, 34)
Issaquah School District (5, 11, 41)
Kent School District (11, 33, 47)
Lake Washington School District (1, 41, 45, 48)
Northshore School District (1, 45, 46)
Renton School District (5, 11, 33, 37, 41)
Riverview School District (4, 45)
Seattle School District (11, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46)
Shoreline School District (32, 46)
Snoqualmie Valley School District (5, 41, 45)
Tahoma School District (5, 11, 31, 47)

East Bellevue Community Muni. Corp. Council (41, 48)
Algona (30th LD)
Beaux Arts Village (41)
Black Diamond (5)
Carnation (5)
Clyde Hill (48)
Duvall (45)
Enumclaw (31)
Federal Way (30)
Hunts Point (48)
Kenmore (46)
Lake Forest Park (46)
Maple Valley (5)
Medina (48)
Mercer Island (41)
Milton (30)
Newcastle (41)
Normandy Park (33)
North Bend (5)
Pacific (30)
SeaTac (33)
Shoreline (32)
Snoqualmie (5)
Skykomish (39)
Tukwila (11)
Woodinville (45)
Yarrow Point (48)

Fife School District (30)
Mercer Island School District (41)
Skykomish School District (39)
Tukwila School District (11)
Vashon Island School District (34)

Houghton Community Muni. Corp. Council (48)

Q: What if I have a question not answered above?
A: Please submit your question via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCDemsEndorsementsHelp

Updated: Sunday, July 18th, 2021