King County Democrats Bylaws Feedback

Your Feedback Wanted

King County Democrats is reviewing and updating its Bylaws to better serve the PCOs, Legislative Districts and Democratic voters of King County. Follow the discussion here. This is your opportunity to share your hopes for how we organize, operate and support your great work.


At this year’s Reorganization Meeting, King County PCOs considered a proposal (the “Forbes revision” ) to revise the KCDCC Bylaws. After receiving an initial report from the Bylaws and Rules Committee and at the recommendation of that committee, the PCOs referred the Forbes revision back to the committee with instructions to conduct a thorough, open, inclusive review, and to issue a final report including its recommendations on whether to adopt it. The PCOs further instructed the Executive Board to call a special PCO meeting on or after February 9, 2019 to consider the committee’s full report.

As part of this review, the Bylaws and Rules Committee is seeking feedback from PCOs and other interested Democrats on the Forbes revision. The committee may recommend that this proposal be adopted, that it be adopted with amendments, or that the proposal be rejected and the current bylaws remain in effect unless otherwise amended.

Your feedback will help to determine the committee’s recommendation.

We’re especially interested in feedback from Legislative Districts and PCOs on the Forbes revision, but other feedback on the existing bylaws or from other interested Democrats or organizations are also welcome.

Please be aware that we are still operating under the existing bylaws, which were not amended at the Reorganization Meeting. Under Section 14.2 of the current bylaws, an amendment to the bylaws must be submitted in writing by 50 voting members of KCDCC to be considered at a special meeting. (Voting members of KCDCC are elected and appointed PCOs whose precincts are within King County.) At this time, only the Forbes revision has met this requirement. Thus, while feedback and amendments to the Forbes revision can be considered by the BRC and the PCOs, we cannot review other proposed amendments to the existing bylaws (i.e., proposals that do not use the Forbes revision as a starting point) for consideration at a PCO meeting unless they are accompanied by 50 signatures. We are considering a proposal to change this requirement, but cannot guarantee that the proposed solution will be in effect before the next meeting of the PCOs.


Draft Workplan

Dec. 7: Launch input website (i.e., this website) and call for submissions from all King County PCOs and other King County Democrats
Dec. 15/16: First public RBC meeting with initial review of feedback received
Dec. 17: Refine call for input based on initial responses, and reach out again to KCDCC members
Dec. 24 – 31: Identify sections of no conflict and sections needing matrix of solutions
Jan. 2: Post work-in-progress draft report for comment
Jan. 12/13: Second public RBC meeting, workshopping
Jan. 17: Launch survey for sections with conflict
Jan. TBD: Workshopping event
Jan. 25-27: State Committee Meeting – informal review by State Rules Committee
Feb. 2/3: Third public RBC committee meeting to finalize report and recommendations
Feb. 4: Publish final report and recommendations
Feb. 9 or later: All-county PCO meeting and vote

Submitting Feedback

We really want to hear from as many PCOs as possible, either general input or specific.

  • You can submit feedback using the form below, by emailing it to the committee at bylawsfeedback at with your commentary in the email (no attachments), or by attending one of the committee’s upcoming meetings.
  • If you are emailing, please let us know your precinct or Legislative District.
  • If you are commenting on specific sections, please reference the section.
  • If your feedback is more general about the direction of the County party, please let us know that in your comment.
  • You will get a confirmation that your input was received and we may also follow up with questions or clarifications.
  • NOTE: This is not a confidential process. All feedback submitted will be made available to committee members and PCOs for use in their evaluation.

Bylaws Feedback

  • Please provide any general feedback about direction, purpose and structure of King County Democrats.
  • Please include section numbers for any detailed comments or suggested amendments.