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Next Election

  • 2020 August Primary Election

    • Washington is a top-two primary state  – the top two vote-getters in the August 4th primary election will move on to the November 3rd general election
  • What’s on the ballot?

    • 2020 Offices Subject to Election
    • Federal
      • United States Representatives for all Congressional Districts
    • State
      • Statewide offices such as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc.
      • Legislative Districts – all Representatives and some Senators
      • Judiciary – Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges
    • Precinct
      • Contested Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) races
        • Note: PCOs are directly elected during the August primary, rather than advancing candidates to the November general election
        • What’s a PCO?
    • Ballot measures
    • Sample Ballot
  • Get your ballot in by:

    • August 4th, 8pm


How to Vote

Why to Vote

Our elected officials shape the system we all live in. From how fair the tax and justice system are to the quality of our roads, sidewalks, and schools, the candidates we elect in November will make decisions that impact every aspect of our lives. A democracy only works for all of us when we all vote.

Ask Michelle Obama. She has a few thoughts on the subject.


Thank you for voting!