referendum 1240

How 1240 could convert your public schoool to a charter school

1240 is advertised as a measure to improve learning. But it is really union busting in disguise. Here’s what 1240 would allow: Scenario: A union-busting organization instigates a few right wing parents to convert an existing school to a charter school. This is not a failing school. Under 1240, ANY school can be flipped. The ... Read more

No 1240 – Would students learn more from teachers without health care?

Under Ref. 1240, charter school teachers would not get the same benefit package as teachers in existing schools.  With parent triggers, a school could be turned into a charter school, and suddenly the teachers would lose high quality health insurance. If teachers come to work sick because of junk health insurance, will students really learn better? ... Read more

Where will charter schools find those “superior” teachers?

Can charter schools really find a whole new crop of superior teachers?  This link was contributed by Dwight Rousu, 48th LD King County Democrats representative. Where will the best teachers go to work – the public schools, with union wages and benefits or a charter school with lower pay and junk health insurance? Visit for more information. ... Read more

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