Thank you for your interest in the King County Democrats Endorsements.

For 2022 Endorsements:

For 2021 Endorsements:

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  • APPROVE Referendum 90 (comprehensive sexual health education)
  • APPROVE all of King County Charter Amendments 1-7
  • YES on King County Proposition #1 (Harborview bonds)
  • YES on Seattle Proposition #1 (transportation benefit district)

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Information for Candidates

Thank you for your interest in receiving an endorsement from the King County Democrats.

To receive an endorsement from the King County Democrats, you will need to fill out one of the following six (6) questionnaires (which are also required by most King County LD organizations), depending on which office you are running for:

Completed questionnaires should be emailed to [email protected]. You must submit your questionnaire directly to KCDCC to be considered. Questionnaires forwarded from a legislative district, King County Young Democrats, or a Democratic club will not be accepted.

Questionnaire deadlines are as follows:

May 29, 2020 in order to be considered by the Committee for the August election (new rule for 2020)
August 18, 2020 in order to be considered by the Committee for the November general election (new rule for 2020)
7 days in advance
(3rd Tuesday)
in order to be considered at an Executive Board meeting (4th Tuesday; where the final endorsement votes are taken)
The seven day requirement is in our bylaws and cannot be waived or suspended

All candidates who have submitted questionnaires are listed here; this list will update at least every few days (and also on the 7th day before any Executive Board meeting).

We recommend you submit your questionnaire sooner than the deadlines in order to provide as many days as possible for consideration — please remember that our endorsements committee and executive board are all volunteers, so the more time you allow us the better.

If you are running for a State Senator or State Representative position, you must be endorsed by the relevant Democratic Legislative District organization before you can be endorsed by the King County Democrats. In this case,you will want to contact the Chair or Endorsements Chair of that legislative district organization and schedule yourself in the process there.

After submitting your questionnaire, you should make an appointment to interview with the Endorsements Committee by contacting the current endorsement chair ([email protected]). Candidates who interview with the committee have a much higher likelihood of being recommended and/or endorsed.

Please contact us with any questions about the endorsements process. You may also wish to review our full endorsement procedures.