King County is divided into 2,532 neighborhoods called precincts, many are only a few blocks in size. Most precincts have a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) who serves as the political representative for that neighborhood.

PCOs walk their precinct before each election making sure their neighbors are registered voters, handing out election materials, and reminding people to vote. They also are key players in spreading the word about Democratic candidates.

PCOs are elected in the August primary in even numbered years and take office on December 1. If no one has been elected for your precinct, then, once your legislative district finishes its reorganization (typically in January odd-year), you can be appointed to fill the PCO vacancy.

Or, if your precinct already has a PCO, you can instead be appointed as an Acting PC for some other precinct in your district which doesn’t have a PCO, to serve until a resident of that precinct can be found to fill the PCO vacancy there.

To be appointed as a PCO or Acting PC, you need to apply with your Legislative District Organization.

  1. Contact your District Chair or District PCO coordinator about the openings in your district
  2. Fill out the PCO application form.
  3. Bring it with you to the next District organization meeting
  4. The body will vote on whether to approve your application; if approved, the District chair will sign it and send it to KCDCC.
  5. The actual appointment will typically take place sometime in the next few weeks (you can watch for it here).

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