King County Democrats Candidate Workshop: Running for Public Office

There are currently 334 local offices open for election in King County. If you have ever entertained the concept of running for office, this might just be your time! King County Democrats hopes to bridge the gap for potential candidates between the exploratory phase and filing deadlines with our candidate workshop on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. This free virtual session will begin at 6:00pm.

The online candidate filing process runs from May 17, 2021 through May 21, 2021. King County Democrats will provide attendees with the basics anyone needs to file for candidacy online, including important deadlines, info on campaign finances, how to get listed in the voter’s pamphlet, and more.

King County Democrats stands by the firm belief that democracy should be representative of the diverse population throughout King County and, as such, hopes to make this accessible candidate workshop available to as many people as possible.

Local elections are critically important to yield population representation in city councils, school boards, fire commissioners, and other offices directly impacting our daily lives. These elections have a direct impact on decisions concerning education, streets and sidewalks, transit, policing, and so much more.

King County Elections reported a record-breaking turnout of 87% of voters in King County this past November and there were 8% more youth votes than ever before. The voters are ready, are you? Whether you’ve already made the decision to run for political office or would like to enter an exploratory phase before committing, this candidate workshop is for you.

About King County Democrats
The King County Democrats work across Martin Luther King Jr. County to promote Democratic values, principles, and policy directions by electing Democrats to office and championing sound public policies.

King County is the 12th most populous county in the United States, and contains nearly a third of all voters in the State of Washington. Seventeen different legislative districts represent at least some precincts within parts of the county, as well as four of the state’s 10 congressional districts. King County is one of the state’s most Democratic counties; it consistently votes for Democratic candidates at all levels.

The office of King County Executive is presently held by a Democrat (Dow Constantine) and has been Democratic for over 25 years. A supermajority of the King County Council‘s nine seats are also held by Democrats.

The King County Democratic Party is organized under Washington State Law and is chartered by the Washington State Democratic Party.

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