Pursuant to Article VI.E of the Charter of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington and the 2018 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan, the King County Democrats proudly announce our 2018 County Convention:

Sunday, April 22
IAM 751 Hall in South Park
9125 15th Pl South
Seattle, WA

The call to order will be at 1:00 PM and our doors will open at 12 Noon – please come early to register.

Donations to help pay for this event and related activities of the King County Democrats will be requested but are not mandatory. The Washington State Democratic Party does not provide financial assistance for this event.

If you need to use mass transportation, you can find your route here.

Food will be available for purchase at this event.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this convention is to review and adopt the proposed Platform of the King County Democrats. We will NOT be voting to select delegates or alternates to the Washington State Democratic Party convention in Wenatchee in mid-June; this was already done at your Legislative District Caucuses on March 24.

Convention Business

If you can, please print personal copies of the following for yourself to use on Sunday.. Available printed copies may be limited.

The Proposed Convention Rules are here (PDF file).

The Proposed 2018 King County Democratic Platform is here (PDF file).

Resolutions may be submitted but will not be considered at this meeting. Resolutions submitted on the day of the Convention may be considered at the next General Meeting of the KCDCC, after review by a regular meeting of the KCDCC Platform & Resolutions Committee on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month. Resolutions submitted must include the full contact information of the author.