Recommended Olympia Lobby Days

The 2015 legislative session begins January 15 and ends 105 days later on April 27th.  Each of the following organizations sponsors a lobby day that includes training on their legislative agenda issues, inspirational speakers including people directly affected by the issues, and appointments with your legislator.

These organizations are consistent with our KCDCC platform and offer in-depth training and policy papers in their areas of excellence.  We urge your support and participation.  Even if you can’t go to Olympia, sign up for one or two mailing lists in your areas of interest.




Recommended Issue Organizations

2015 Draft Legislative Agenda

  1. Revenue & Tax Reform:
    • Pass a capital gains tax on the wealthy to raise additional revenue to fund Basic Education and meet McCleary obligations
    • Close corporate tax exemptions that lack accountable performance objectives and results in terms of living-wage jobs and other measurable community benefits
    • Require the Legislature to adopt a Tax Expenditure Budget as part of the state biennial budget appropriations process
  2. Transportation:
    • Authorize sustainable local, regional and state funding for transit
    • Keep all transportation tax revenues within the county in which they are generated
    • Move people and freight safely and efficiently while minimizing carbon pollution
  3. Election Finance Reform:
    • Send a resolution to Congress to repeal Citizens United
    • Authorize public campaign financing
  4. Education:
    • Fully fund K-12 Basic Education consistent with the McCleary order
    • Restore 70% state share of higher ed funding (2002) vs. students’ share 30%
    • Support school construction in the state capital budget
    • Support funding for two free years of college or technical school
  5. Environment:
    • Pass a carbon pollution cap and trade system to make polluters pay
    • Pass the Oil Transportation Safety Act
  6. Labor:
    • Pass a capital budget focused on repairing infrastructure to create jobs
    • Raise the minimum wage statewide towards a goal of a living wage
    • Provide paid sick leave for workers statewide
    • Pass the wage theft bill
  7. Housing and Human Services:
    • Maintain the social safety net: Homeless, hungry, sick children can’t learn.
    • Fund low-income housing in the capital budget at the highest level possible, with $100 million recommended
    • Create a Medicaid Supportive Housing Services benefit
  8. Criminal Justice:
    • Pass sentencing reform instead of building any more prisons
    • Pass a workable medical cannabis regulation that respects the needs of patients.
    • Repeal the death penalty

April 20 LAC Meeting

The April KCDCC Legislative Action Committee Meeting
will take place Sunday 4/20 2:00-4:00 at

Covington Library
27100 164th Ave SE
Covington 98042

This is at the crossing of Highway 18 and the Kent-Kangley Road.

Special guest is Shari Song, candidate for 30th District State Senate
running against former Democrat Mark Miloscia!

KCDCC Lobby Day, January 20 in Olympia

Lobby Day in Olympia

photo: dreamsjung

Register now!

Take your concerns directly to your legislators!  Join us in Olympia for our annual Lobby Day Monday, January 20, 10am to 1pm (doors open at 9am), Washington Room, in the Pritchard Building, just south of the capitol in Olympia.

Register for Lobby Day. The cost is $20, payable to KCDCC, and includes a sack lunch (choice of garden ranch, curry chicken, or chicken Caesar wrap).
Individual legislative appointments to be made afterwards.

Who is your LAC Rep and what do they do?

Each Legislative District is invited to elect or appoint two LAC Representatives. The duties of the LAC Rep is to attend monthly meetings with legislators on the 3rd Sunday afternoon of the month, to announce the LAC meetings at their LD meeting as part of committee reports, and to become an activist.

As LAC rep, you will receive updates encouraging actions (emails, usually) supporting particular priority bills at particular points in their legislative process. Both our Democratic and Republican legislators need and can be influenced by the sincere, knowledgeable and timely expression of concerns by their constituents-you!