Congratulations, Claudia!

In early returns, Democrat Claudia Balducci is decisively defeating Republican Jane Hague, becoming the first Democrat elected to the King County Council from the Eastside. This is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations, Claudia! We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you take office as the 6th District’s new representative in a few weeks.

Claudia Balducci

Claudia Balducci speaks to the King County Democrats in August 2015 (Photo: Andrew Villeneuve)

King County Democrats endorse Scott Pinkham for school board, take positions on eight ballot measures

At this month’s executive board meeting in Renton, the King County Democrats met to consider taking endorsement action in several contests which will be decided by voters this November. This post summarizes the endorsement votes taken at the meeting. To pass, an endorsement motion must receive a two-thirds vote.

  • We began with Seattle City Council, District #8. We have already endorsed Jon Grant in this race. A motion to endorse Tim Burgess for the same position was made from the floor. This motion failed by a vote of twenty-four to eighteen.
  • We moved on to Seattle School Board, Director #1. By a vote of thirty-three to one, we endorsed Scott Pinkham.
  • We then considered an endorsement of Laura Gramer for Seattle School Board Director #2. We had previously endorsed Rick Burke for this position. A motion to endorse Laura failed by a vote of twenty-five to thirteen.
  • We then moved on to ballot measures. By a vote of forty-one to two, we took a position in favor of Paul Allen’s I-1401.
  • By a vote of forty-two to zero, we took a Maintained position on Advisory Votes 10, 11, 12, and 13, which appear on the statewide ballot.
  • By a vote of forty-one to one, we took a position supporting I-122 (Honest Elections Seattle).
  • By a vote of forty-three to zero, we took a position supporting King County Proposition 1 (Best Starts for Kids).
  • Finally, by a vote of twenty-five to ten, we took a position supporting Seattle Proposition #1 (Let’s Move Seattle).

These actions conclude our endorsement business for 2015. Ballots will be mailed for the November 2015 general election next month.

Early Top Two election results bring good news for most KCD endorsed candidates

The first results from the 2015 Top Two election are in, and they bring good news for most of the King County Democrats’ endorsed candidates who appeared on the August ballot. While the election will not be certified for several more weeks and numbers will change, the following endorsed candidates who were in contested races appear likely to move on to November:

  • Zack Hudgins, King County Elections Director
  • Courtney Gregoire, Port of Seattle Commission #2
  • Fred Felleman, Port of Seattle Commission #5
  • Shelley Kloba, Kirkland City Council Position #2
  • Vandana Slatter, Bellevue City Council Position #5
  • Davina Duerr, Bothell City Council Position #6
  • Bill Ramos, Issaquah City Council Position #4
  • Debbie Bertlin, Mercer Island City Council Position #7
  • Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council District #1
  • Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council District #2
  • Debora Juarez and Sandy Brown, Seattle City Council District #5
  • Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Council District #6
  • Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council District #7
  • Jon Grant, Seattle City Council Position #8
  • Lorena Gonzalez and Bill Bradburd, Seattle City Council Position #9
  • Bill Hochberg, Mercer Island School Board, Position #3
  • Jill Geary, Seattle School District Director, District #3
  • Leslie Harris, Seattle School District Director, District #6

The King County Democrats congratulate all of our successful endorsed candidates and thank those candidates who were not successful for stepping forward to run for public office.

For the November election, KCD will have three priority campaigns:

Additional endorsement action may be taken at KCDCC’s upcoming August executive board meeting, scheduled for August 24th, 2015.

New polling shows Democrat Claudia Balducci beating Republican Jane Hague in King County District #6

Great news! New polling released today by the Washington State Democrats showing Democratic challenger Claudia Balducci, one of KCD’s two priority candidates for 2015, ahead of Republican incumbent Jane Hague in the race for King County Council District #6.

Key findings from the poll:

  • In the initial ballot test, Balducci comes in ahead of Hague, receiving 28% to Hague’s 24%
  • After voters learn Hague is a Republican and Balducci is a Democrat, Balducci’s support jumps to 54% while Hague’s barely increases to 27%
EMC Research: Balducci vs. Hague

Courtesy of EMC Research and the Washington State Democrats

King County Democratic Chair Rich Erwin said the state party’s research validated what King County Democrats have long known: Claudia Balducci is an exceptionally strong candidate with proven leadership skills who can win.

“The King County Democrats will be fighting this autumn to ensure that Claudia Balducci is elected to serve the people of the Eastside. We will strive to provide every dollar, phone call and knocked door we can muster for her to become our next sitting member of the King County Council,” Erwin said.

In April 2015, Claudia Balducci became one of the first candidates to be endorsed by the King County Democrats for the 2015 election cycle. Balducci is currently in her third term on the Bellevue City Council and serves as the Mayor of Bellevue.