Proposed Rules for the 2016 King County Convention

  1. The King County Democratic Convention shall be held on Sunday, May 1, 2016, commencing at 1:00 pm, at Hazen High School Gymnasium in Renton.
  2. To vote at the King County Convention, an individual must be a delegate or seated alternate duly elected at a precinct caucus in King County, and still resident within the precinct from which elected.  Other individuals may be allowed to participate in discussions, but may not vote.
  3. The King County Chair or the Chair’s designee shall serve as the Temporary Chair of the Convention.
  4. The Chair of the Credentials Committee will present the preliminary report of the Credentials Committee, which shall include the total numbers of (a) delegates elected within the County, (b) delegates registered and seated at the time of the report, and (c) alternates in attendance who are eligible to be seated as of that time.  The numbers so reported shall be subject to updating at times reasonably determined by the Committee, which shall further determine the timing and conditions for its awarding appropriate credentials to eligible alternates until such time as it presents its Final Report and closes the sign-in tables.
  5. The Co-chairs of the Rules Committee will present the report of the Rules Committee.
  6. Any person may be nominated for the position of Permanent Chair of the convention. Nominations, seconding speeches and speeches by the candidate on his or her own behalf shall not total more than three (3) minutes per nominee. A majority is required to elect. If no person has a majority, the candidate receiving the fewest votes shall be dropped and voting resumed using the remaining names. This procedure shall be repeated until a candidate receives a majority.
  7. The Permanent Chair will appoint a Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, and Timekeeper.
  8. Motions “to table” or “to postpone indefinitely” shall be out of order at all times.
  9. Debate will alternate between pro and con, limited to two speakers for and two speakers against any motion, each speaker to speak no more than one minute.
  10. A quorum consists of 30% of the number eligible to vote as shown on the final credentials report. A quorum call will be out of order until the platform is adopted.
  11. The Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) began with the 2014 King County Democratic Platform and revised it prior to our March 26 precinct caucuses to reflect changes in the political landscape since 2014, then further revised it to incorporate selected amendments proposed at those caucuses. Today’s Proposed Platform has been posted online and made available to King County Democrats in accordance with KCDCC Bylaws. 

    Procedure for Platform Consideration:
    1. The Proposed Platform, and each section thereof, come as recommendations from the Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee and do not require a second.
    2. Amendments: Other than motions to simply delete words or phrases, fifty (50) copies of any amendment to the Proposed Platform must be submitted to the presiding chair at the time of beginning the platform portion of the agenda, supported by the signatures of 50 Convention delegates or seated alternates from at least two legislative districts in King County. One such copy must be given to the Convention secretary, with a header that identifies the affected section name and page number.
    3. Presentation and adoption: Each Platform section will be considered in order. A simple motion to delete words or phrases does not require signatures. Instead, the chair will call for "flags," each representing a motion to delete an identified item; display of 50 voting credentials will be required to qualify the item for a vote on its deletion. The chair will also announce any qualified proposed amendments submitted in accordance with sub-section b. above. The portions of the Platform not subject to proposed amendments or qualified flags may be adopted as presented, and then all flagged items and proposed amendments will be considered section by section, in order.
    4. Debate: Debate on any amendment or flag will be limited to two speakers for the amendment or deletion, and two against, in alternation.
  12. Technical matters: Minor editorial corrections may be submitted to a Platform and Resolutions Committee Co-Chair or designee at the table at the front of the hall; purely semantic/grammatical corrections may be made at the discretion of the Platform and Resolutions Committee Co-chairs.
  13. Consideration of Resolutions at this Convention will be limited to those brought forward by the Platform, Resolutions and Bylaws Committee (based on submissions at precinct caucuses) with a recommendation of “Do Pass.”  These resolutions may be debated and shall be adopted or rejected without addition; provided, however, that motions to strike language from resolutions may be considered if supported by 50 delegates or seated alternates. Additionally, all properly formatted Resolutions submitted to the Convention Secretary that are signed by at least 50 delegates from at least two legislative districts in King County will be subsequently forwarded directly to the Washington State Democratic Convention Platform and Resolutions Committee for its consideration.
  14. Voting will occur by raising of convention credentials by delegates or seated alternates and recorded in the official meeting minutes.
  15. Proxy voting shall not be allowed.
  16. The King County Democratic Convention shall neither endorse any candidates nor take any positions on ballot measures.
  17. In all matters not specifically covered herein, the 2016 Washington State Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan and Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised will prevail.