Proposed Rules for the 2019-2020 KCDCC Re-Organization Meeting

  1. The 2018 KCDCC Chair shall appoint a temporary chair for the initial phase of the reorganization meeting, and a temporary Credentials Committee to administer sign-ins for King County's Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs).
  2. The temporary chair shall:
    1. call the meeting to order and appoint until the election of the Chair, a Secretary, Parliamentarian, Candidate Forum Moderator, Sergeant-at-Arms, Tally Chair and  Tally Committee; and
    2. preside until the election of a Chair for the 2019-2020 term.
  3. Only Democratic PCOs residing in King County and elected at the August 7, 2018 primary — including those elected by virtue of being the only candidate to file in a precinct — shall be eligible to vote.
  4. At any time after adoption of the Agenda and meeting Rules, the body may adopt Bylaws, if the requirements for amendment in the KCDCC Bylaws Article XIV have been met.  In the event no new Bylaws are adopted at the meeting, the existing KCDCC bylaws are acknowledged as remaining in effect.
  5. Pursuant to the Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party, only persons of gender distinct from that of the newly elected County Chair may be nominated for 1st Vice-Chair.  Under the bylaws existing at the time of the publication of these rules, no more than two of KCDCC's four vice-chairs may be of the same gender identification as the Chair.
  6. The two State Committee Members shall be elected simultaneously.  Each PCO shall have two votes to cast on one ballot, which may be cast for any two candidates of differing genders.  The candidate with the highest vote total shall be declared elected.
    The candidate with the next highest vote total who is also of a different gender identification as the highest vote recipient shall also be declared elected, provided they have received a simple majority of the votes cast.
  7. The process for nominating and electing each position shall include the following:
    1. Call for nominations. Each nomination shall require a second.
    2. Close nominations.
    3. Two minutes total of speeches or presentations on behalf of each candidate, in the order of their nomination, delivered by candidates, PCOs, and/or other residents of King County willing to publicly declare themselves as Democrats.
    4. For the position of Chair only, a 30-minute question and answer session moderated by the appointed forum Moderator shall be conducted. Each candidate for Chair who is present will be afforded a maximum of 1 ½ minutes to speak in response to each question, unless the asker requests a simple yes or no response. All questions must be submitted in writing by PCOs eligible to vote at the meeting. The Tally Committee shall assist the Moderator in sorting through written submissions from PCOs and selecting questions to be asked.
  8. A simple majority is required to elect a candidate to any KCDCC office.
  9. After any inconclusive balloting round with three or more candidates for a single position, in the event that no candidates withdraws voluntarily before the next round, each candidate who received less than 15% of the vote shall be dropped, or, if no candidates are eliminated, then the candidate receiving the fewest votes — with ties resolved by runoff voting — shall be dropped. In the event that every candidate would be eliminated by the 15% rule, all but the top two candidates shall be eliminated, and the top two will proceed to a final balloting round.
  10. Elections require written ballots as long as they are contested. Uncontested candidates may be elected by acclamation.
  11. Where a written ballot is required, votes shall be cast by a balloting distribution and collection system designed in such a way so to be carefully controlled to ensure that only eligible voters present in the room or via ADA accommodation are casting ballots, using best practices in election administration.
  12. In all other questions of procedure not covered by state law, the Charter and Bylaws of the WSDP, the Bylaws of the KCDCC, or these rules, Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition, shall prevail.