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Issue #374

Why House Republicans alienate Hispanics: They don’t need them Political analysts keep urging the Republican Party to do more to appeal to Hispanic voters. Yet the party’s congressional leaders show little sign of doing so, blocking an immigration overhaul and harshly criticizing President Obama for his plan to defer deportation for undocumented migrants. There’s a simple ... Read more

Issue #373

Bush’s revenge—appeals court goes on a rampage When George W. Bush departed the White House, he left behind a giant deficit and expanded government spending for Medicare drug benefits that caused conservatives to grumble. But he did make a mark that right-wingers can cheer—by shaping the federal courts for years, perhaps decades. As Bush has retreated ... Read more

Issue #372

Warren says she’s not running. At this rate, she may have to The Massachusetts Democrat has become the brightest ideological and rhetorical light in a party whose prospects are dimmed by—to use a word Jimmy Carter never uttered—malaise. Her weekend swing through Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa to rally the faithful displayed something no other potential ... Read more

Issue #370

Office Politics Inside the PAC teaching corporate America how to make its employees vote for the ‘right’ candidates and causes On the morning of Jan. 29, construction workers were building a seawater pipe at Oliktok Point, part of a sprawling network of oil fields owned by ConocoPhillips on Alaska’s arctic North Slope, when they received ... Read more

Issue #369

GOP schooled on education politics Republicans thought this would be the year to make education their winning issue. The plan was simple: Talk up the GOP’s support for school choice—including vouchers to help parents pay for private school—and win the hearts of moms everywhere. It hasn’t worked out like that. Instead, in Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, Republicans ... Read more

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