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Issue #379

(Daily Clips will be on hiatus until after the KCDCC reorganization, and its future will be in the hands of the new King County Democratic chair. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to vote.) Facebook to data-mine for your political views Facebook is mining its data of user’s posts to find out how users feel ... Read more

Issue #378

Meet the hedge fund wiz kid who’s shrinking America’s pensions When longtime private equity analyst Gina Raimondo won her bid to become treasurer of her home state in 2010, Rhode Island’s public pension system was in such disarray that federal regulators were sniffing around to make sure the state was reporting the funding levels accurately. Within ... Read more

Issue #377

The only way for Democrats to win As Democrats mutter privately that their Senate majority is sinking beneath the waves, their leadership has sent out an SOS. It’s all hands on deck, unless those hands belong to the President of the United States. Because only Michigan Rep. Gary Peters among Democratic candidates for the Senate ... Read more

Issue #376

The blundering rise and epic fall of the Christie-Cuomo Ebola quarantine If anything is clear from the reporting of the nurse who was quarantined in a New Jersey hospital over Ebola fears, it’s that the actual quarantine itself was handled miserably. Nurse Kaci Hickox, who returned to the U.S. via Newark airport Friday after treating ... Read more

Issue #375

Should the poor be allowed to vote? Voter ID laws are part of a hoary American tradition holding that people who aren’t economically independent can’t make reasoned political choices If Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters succeed in booting C.Y. Leung from power, the city’s unelected chief executive should consider coming to the United States. He might ... Read more

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