Our very own Tech Chair, Mr. Jon Culver, has re-launched the Filepalooza website  to help you (yes, you!) file and run for office in 2018.

Do you want to run for local office but don’t know where to start? Plug your address into the Filepalooza site and it will show you all open seats in your area, from Precinct Committee Officer (a community liaison who helps their neighbors register to vote) all the way up to Federal races. You’ll also see a handy list of the filing fees associated with each office, can see who else is running, and sign up to receive reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Too many local races go uncontested, and that’s not Democratic at all. We want to fill every open seat with a progressive Democrat in 2018, and we need YOU to help us get there. Remember, Democracy is not a spectator sport!