First Call for the 2016 Reorganization Meeting of the King County Democratic Central Committee

Attention Democratic PCOs:

Our county party reorganization meeting is scheduled to take place Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at Noon/12 PM at the Machinists Hall in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle.  This is the first call for that meeting.

Seattle Machinists Hall
9125 15th Place South
Seattle, WA
Noon/12 PM
Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Every person elected as a PCO this past August is part of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) for 2017-2018. If you have been elected as a PCO, it is extremely important that you plan to attend on December 4th, because you are the only person who may cast votes on behalf of your precinct at that meeting. Your Democratic neighbors are counting on you to represent them. Please note that only elected PCOs from August for the 2017-2018 cycle may vote at the reorganization meeting on December 4th; no PCOs will be appointed at this meeting and there will be no proxy voting. You must show up in person to have a vote.

The principal business on Sunday, December 4th will be to choose officers to lead our party for the next two years.  We have nine countywide elected officer positions:

  • Chair
  • First Vice Chair
  • Second Vice Chair
  • Third Vice Chair
  • Fourth Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • State Committee Member (must be a person identifying as male)
  • State Committee Member (must be a person identifying as female)

The Bylaws of our county party describe the responsibilities of each of these positions.

If you are a PCO, you also have a vote at your upcoming Legislative District Organization’s (LDO) reorganization meeting, where officers of your LDO will be chosen.  We will publish a full schedule of those meetings along with calls in the coming weeks.  You will receive the call only for the district that you reside in.

At its last meeting, the King County Democratic Central Committee’s executive board approved the formation of a Nominating Committee to ensure that we have qualified individuals standing for each officer position set forth in our Bylaws.  I have appointed KCDCC Communications Co-Chair Andrew Villeneuve as the Chair of our Nominating Committee.  Andrew is a past elected Vice Chair of the KCDCC, a current state committee member, and has extensive experience with party reorganizations, having led or participated in dozens of county, LDO, and state party reorganization meetings since 2005.  Neither Andrew nor any members of the Nominating Committee intend to be candidates for any of our countywide officer positions on December 4th.  Andrew and his team will be responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that at least one qualified Democratic activist is planning to run for each officer position
  • Compiling and keeping an official list of all candidates who have declared their intent to run
  • Accepting and disseminating statements from candidates to all of our elected PCOs, including yourself
  • Empowering candidates to connect with PCOs so they can introduce themselves and campaign effectively
  • Sending additional calls to the December 4th meeting
  • Helping to organize the Chair candidate forum at the reorganization meeting (which is provided for in the Proposed Rules)

Because I am a candidate for re-election as your Chair, I am delegating responsibility for sending additional calls to this meeting to the Nominating Committee.  Please pay careful attention to the materials they send you, including the candidate statements.

Included with the call sent out by email are proposed rules for the KCDCC Reorganization Meeting.  Those eligible PCOs attending the meeting will vote to adopt the agenda and set of rules within the confines of the KCDCC Bylaws, the Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party (WSDCC), and related state law (RCW – Revised Code of Washington).

If you are interested in running for any of the officer positions I mentioned, please notify the Nominating Committee by completing this form on our website.  KCDCC will accept 250 word maximum statements of candidacy for initial publication to all elected PCOs as of Friday, November 11th.  Statements will NOT be mandatory as part of the candidacy process, but are recommended if you want to give notice of your intentions as part of your campaign.

Candidates will receive, on request, a complete PCO list with contact information as available.

Thank you for your service to the Democratic Party and for all you do for our party’s candidates and causes.  I look forward to communicating with you about my vision for the next two years during my reelection campaign, and I encourage you to engage with other candidates seeking to represent you as officers over the next two years.