King County Democrats

Endorsements Committee releases additional recommendations for general election

Ahead of KCDCC’s August 25th executive board meeting, the Endorsements Committee is pleased to announce its latest round of recommendations for the general election, which will be presented on the 25th for the executive board’s consideration.

  • Seattle City Council, Position #3 – Pamela Banks
  • Seattle City Council, Position #4 – Michael Maddux
  • Kent City Council, Position #1 – Hira Singh Bhullar
  • Northshore School Director, District #3 – David Cogan

Candidates must receive a two-thirds vote in committee to be recommended by the Endorsements Committee.

Please note that per Rule VIII, Section 7, candidates for office that failed to be endorsed by the Executive Board during the primary election cycle, and that survived a Top Two race, are again eligible for consideration for the general election.

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