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  • Ferguson Police Department May Fold Due To DOJ Probe

    FERGUSON, Mo. — U.S. Justice Department investigations of police departments in the past have led to reforms or lengthy litigation. But the DOJ probe of the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, to …

  • Benjamin Netanyahu Misrepresents Kerry On Iran

    The following post first appeared on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s highly anticipated speech to Congress contained a curious statement. He claimed Secretary of State John …

  • Huge Stakes As Supreme Court Takes Third Crack At Obamacare

    WASHINGTON — Obamacare faces its strangest challenge yet when the Supreme Court takes up the law for the third time Wednesday, but the oddity of the lawsuit shouldn’t obscure the cataclysm that a los …

  • Scott Walker Pumps Up Anti-Abortion Cred By Backing 20-Week Ban

    Days after coming under conservative fire for making vaguely pro-choice comments, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) released a letter reaffirming his anti-abortion bona fides and endorsing a ban on the …

  • Congrats Young Scientists, You Face The Worst Research Funding In 50 Years

    WASHINGTON — Young scientists entering biomedical research find themselves in the worst financial environment in a half a century, the head of the National Institutes of Health said Tuesday. In an ap …

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  • Rubio tax plan takes aim at big business break

    He will detail at least one big break that will be nixed to fund big cuts in individual and corporate tax rates.

  • Pelosi empowered by GOP dissension

    John Boehner is often forced to turn to her to deliver votes when bills lack GOP support.

  • White House offers little defense of Clinton in email scandal

    Spokesman deflects questions about propriety of using personal email account for official business.

  • Andrew Lack's return to NBC could signal return of Brian Williams

    Former NBC News president Andrew Lack’s return to 30 Rock — he is currently in talks about a “top job” in the news division — would catalyze a major shakeup among the executive leadership and would …

  • Walker would sign 20-week abortion ban

    He said that he supports “similar legislation” now stalled in Congress.

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