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  • Clinton Says He Had It Worse Than Obama, Still Got Things Done

    President Obama heads into midterm elections in which he may face crushing losses. He has been spurned by his own party, whose candidates do not even want to be seen with him. The president’s supporte …

  • How Conservatives Justify Poll Taxes

    During the Obama era, the Republican Party has made the modern revival of the poll tax a point of party dogma. Direct poll taxes have been illegal for 50 years, but the GOP has discovered a workaround …

  • First U.S. Soldier Dies In Campaign Against Islamic State

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says a Marine who died Thursday in a noncombat incident in Baghdad was the second U.S. military death associated with the campaign against the Islamic State group in Ira …

  • Kurdish Fighters Recapture Iraqi Town Zumar From ISIS

    ARBIL, Iraq, Oct 25 (Reuters) – Kurdish forces retook the northern Iraqi town of Zumar and several nearby villages from Islamic State early on Saturday after heavy coalition air strikes against the Is …

  • Ebola Cases Top 10,000: WHO

    * Bulk of cases in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone * Total includes new cases in Mali, U.S. * WHO warns that Ebola coming closer to Ivory Coast GENEVA, Oct 25 (Reuters) – The death toll from the Ebola e …

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  • Ghost of Simpson Bowles haunts 2014

    Both parties are targeting the relatively few lawmakers who’ve endorsed the deficit-reduction plan.

  • Clinton: 'I love … Elizabeth'

    She repeatedly praises the anti-big banks senator for going after “those who deserve” it.

  • What happened to that GOP lawsuit?

    Lawyers close to the process say they don’t expect any action until after the election.

  • Ruemmler drops out of attorney general race

    There were concerns about GOP lawmakers using her confirmation to get White House information.

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