Candidate Support Committee

Candidate Support Committee Update

Chair, Farhana Satti
Co-Chair, Michael Martin

May 2013

To continue building the infrastructure of the Candidate Support Committee, Chair held the second meeting of Candidate Support Committee on May 31, 2013.  In attendance was Farhana Satti (Chair), Karl deJong, KCDCC Chair, Michael Martin (Co-Chair), Aileen Sison, and Dave Freeman (committee members).  Lesley Ahmed was not able to attend.

Candidate Support Committee members will be holding meetings every last Friday of the month, from 6:00 PM till 7:30 PM.  Meeting will take place at Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub, located at:

435 SW 152nd St
Seattle, WA 98166
(206) 246-2473

Candidate Support Committee now has following members:

  1. Michael Martin – Co-chair of Candidate Support Committee
  2. David Freeman
  3. Aileen Siso
  4. Lesley Ahmed

Anyone wanting to join the committee, please call Farhana Satti at (206) 935-5355, or Michael Martin at (206) 353-0689,

Committee members reviewed the draft Candidate Support Committee, Responsibilities & Procedures of Support document.  The key function of the Committee will be to recruit volunteers to contribute and support canvassing, campaigning, and publicity efforts of endorsed candidates.  In working towards accomplishing this goal, committee will adopt the following:


  • Assess and identify Democratic campaign needs.
  • Recruit volunteers to fulfill those needs.
  • Educate Democratic campaigns on support resources available to them.
  • Promote endorsed candidates

Volunteer Recruitment, Coordination, and Maintenance:

Recruit volunteers at or through:

  • KCDCC Summer Picnic
  • Selective voter registration drives
  • Cold calling democratic constituents listed in KCDCC voter database
  • Email blasts

Interview and select appropriate number of volunteers for various campaign roles:

  • Bulk mailing parties
  • Campaign functions and events
  • Door belling
  • Phone banking

Maintain a base of active volunteers by:

  • Maintaining connections and
  • Recognizing outstanding accomplishments of volunteers at a banquet hosted by KCDCC Chair

The final draft of these procedures is scheduled to be presented to KCDCC Executive Leadership at June Meeting.  If anyone has suggestions or recommendations to make, please Farhana Satti at (206) 935-5355, or Michael Martin at (206) 353-0689,

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