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Vote No on Initiative 1185

Initiative 1185 is a Tim Eyman sponsored measure on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot. It is an attempt to re-enact an existing law requiring a 2/3 vote for the legislature to pass revenue measures or repeal existing tax exemptions or loopholes. If re-enacted the Legislature will not be able to amend or suspend the law without a 2/3 vote for two years.  I-1185 basically give a 1/3 minority of Legislators in one House veto power over a majority vote of both Houses. Initiative 1053 , the current law,  has been declared unconstitutional by the King County Superior Court and is on appeal before the Washington State Supreme Court.

official ballot title – Initiative Measure No. 1185 concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government.
This measure would restate existing statutory requirements that legislative actions raising taxes must be approved by two-thirds legislative majorities or receive voter approval, and that new or increased fees require majority legislative approval.

Here’s are some explanatory articles explaining why a NO vote is the right vote:

Things you can do to help defeat I-1185:

To volunteer, donate  or help go to the Campaign website for No on I-1185

Get your organization to officially oppose I-1185                                                                               Draft Resolution opposing I-1185 – return to:                                                                               No on I-1185, 603 Stewart St #819, Seattle, WA 98101

Like the No! on 1185 campaign facebook page and invite your friends to join you.

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