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  • How 1240 could convert your public schoool to a charter school

    1240 is advertised as a measure to improve learning. But it is really union busting in disguise. Here’s what 1240 would allow:


    A union-busting organization instigates a few right wing parents to convert an existing school to a charter school. This is not a failing school. Under 1240, ANY school can be flipped.

    The union busters then retain a battalion of attorneys and lobbyists paid for by well-funded right wing anti-union forces.

    They push the proposal through the administrative channels and hire expensive expert witnesses for the hearings.

    They convince 51% of the parents to vote for the charter school.

    The result: your school is flipped from an existing public school to a charter school. The charter school grabs the existing building and all of the equipment and supplies. The teachers are kicked out of the WEA and don’t have access to the statewide union any longer. They can organize only within that individual school. The students who want to stay in the standard public school system are scattered throughout the district into other schools. The school district has to spend the time and money finding other places for these students and the class sizes increase.

    This is all made legal by 1240. Whether yor not you use the words “parent trigger,” union busting organizations can pour money into lobbying their way through the hearing processes and flip schools one at a time.

    Protect our public school system and Vote No on 1240.

    Section 213, pp. 17-20
    Section 223, p. 31

    Vote No on Referendum 1240.

  • Understanding Advisory Votes 1 & 2

    Q: What do the advisory votes mean on our ballots?

    Text of the advisory votes
    Advisory Vote 1 (Engrossed Senate Bill 6635)
    The legislature eliminated, without a vote of the people, a business and occupation tax deduction for certain financial institutions’ interest on residential loans, costing $170,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

    This tax increase should be:
    [ ] Repealed
    [ ] Maintained
    Advisory Vote 2 (Substitute House Bill 2590)
    The legislature extended, without a vote of the people, expiration of a tax on possession of petroleum products and reduced the tax rate, costing $24,000,000 in its first ten years, for government spending.

    This tax increase should be:
    [ ] Repealed
    [ ] Maintained


    In order to balance the budget, the legislature closed two tax loopholes. These tax loopholes had reduced available state funds by $170 million and $24 million over ten years.

    A vote of “Maintained” means that you are keeping these tax loopholes closed.
    A vote of “Repealed” means you are repealing closing the tax loopholes.

    Vote to close the special-privilege tax loopholes and help the legislature balance the budget.

    Vote “Maintained” on Advisory Vote 1 and Advisory Vote 2

  • Join Seattle Times Live Chat on 1240

    Participate in a live chat on
    Charter schools, live chat, Oct. 18, noon — Shannon Campion, speaking for Initiative 1240, and an opponent to be named later from the no campaign.

  • No 1240 – Would students learn more from teachers without health care?

    Under Ref. 1240, charter school teachers would not get the same benefit package as teachers in existing schools. 

    With parent triggers, a school could be turned into a charter school, and suddenly the teachers would lose high quality health insurance.

    If teachers come to work sick because of junk health insurance, will students really learn better?

    The above link was contributed by Dwight Rousu, 48th LD representative to the King County Democrats


  • Charter Schools Debate on TVW tonight 9 pm

    Hear the proponents and opponents of Referendum 1240 on charter schools tonight on TVW, 9 pm, Thursday, September 27.

  • Where will charter schools find those “superior” teachers?

    Can charter schools really find a whole new crop of superior teachers?  This link was contributed by Dwight Rousu, 48th LD King County Democrats representative.

    Where will the best teachers go to work – the public schools, with union wages and benefits or a charter school with lower pay and junk health insurance?

    Visit for more information.

    Like the NO campaign at

    For voter materials:

    Vote No on Referendum 1240


Vote No on Initiative 1185

Initiative 1185 is a Tim Eyman sponsored measure on the Nov. 6, 2012 ballot. It is an attempt to re-enact an existing law requiring a 2/3 vote for the legislature to pass revenue measures or repeal existing tax exemptions or loopholes. If re-enacted the Legislature will not be able to amend or suspend the law without a 2/3 vote for two years.  I-1185 basically give a 1/3 minority of Legislators in one House veto power over a majority vote of both Houses. Initiative 1053 , the current law,  has been declared unconstitutional by the King County Superior Court and is on appeal before the Washington State Supreme Court.

official ballot title – Initiative Measure No. 1185 concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government.
This measure would restate existing statutory requirements that legislative actions raising taxes must be approved by two-thirds legislative majorities or receive voter approval, and that new or increased fees require majority legislative approval.

Here’s are some explanatory articles explaining why a NO vote is the right vote:

Things you can do to help defeat I-1185:

To volunteer, donate  or help go to the Campaign website for No on I-1185

Get your organization to officially oppose I-1185                                                                               Draft Resolution opposing I-1185 – return to:                                                                               No on I-1185, 603 Stewart St #819, Seattle, WA 98101

Like the No! on 1185 campaign facebook page and invite your friends to join you.

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