Author: Linda Seltzer

Election Wrap-Up

by Linda Seltzer Chair, Candidate Support Here are some of the comments  received regarding our candidate support efforts this year. “You were great help to our campaign, sending volunteers that actually showed up from outside of the district and actually did stuff!” – Tom Conlon, campaign manager for State Rep. Roger Goodman. “You have certainly ... Read more

Know the facts: Roger Goodman, Protecting Our Roads

Re-elect State Representative Roger Goodman LD45. To counter the false accusations in the recent robocalls attacking Roger Goodman, here are the facts. Serving as Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and also as a senior member of the House Public Safety Committee, Roger has sought to make us safer on our roadways, in public places ... Read more

How 1240 could convert your public schoool to a charter school

1240 is advertised as a measure to improve learning. But it is really union busting in disguise. Here’s what 1240 would allow: Scenario: A union-busting organization instigates a few right wing parents to convert an existing school to a charter school. This is not a failing school. Under 1240, ANY school can be flipped. The ... Read more

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