Issue #123

King County Walker preaches to choir while protesters mass outside Hundreds protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s appearance in Seattle. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker brought his fiery brand of Republican politics to Seattle on Thursday night, describing at a think-tank fundraiser how he believes conservatives can “reclaim our country.” With some 300 demonstrators outside the downtown Sheraton ... Read more

Issue #74

The State Will Hanford ever be cleaned up? Double-shell Tank AY-102 is shown under construction in 1969. The tank has sprung a leak of radioactive waste from its inner shell into the containment area of its outer shell. For 42 years, tank AY-102 has stored some of the deadliest material at one of the most ... Read more

Issue #15

King County A light weekend for King County-specific government and political hard news, but two veteran local columnists sure had plenty to say: Dems keep shooting themselves in foot Westneat How can legislators keep introducing a bill they don’t support? Because not only are they sometimes not reading their bills. They aren’t writing them, either. ... Read more

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