About Our Party

The King County Democrats work across Martin Luther King Jr. County to promote Democratic values, principles, and policy directions by electing Democrats to office and championing sound public policies.

King County is the twelfth most populous county in the United States, and contains nearly a third of all voters in the State of Washington. Seventeen different legislative districts represent at least some precincts within parts of the county, as well as four of the state’s ten congressional districts. King County is one of the state’s most Democratic counties; it consistently votes for Democratic candidates at all levels.

The office of King County Executive is presently held by a Democrat (Dow Constantine) and has been Democratic for over twenty-five years. A supermajority of the King County Council‘s nine seats are also held by Democrats.

The King County Democratic Party is organized under Washington State Law and is chartered by the Washington State Democratic Party.


  1. Elect Democrats into office at the county and port level
  2. Strengthen and support the seventeen legislative district organizations, serving as a bridge between them so that, together, we can elect more Democrats into the state legislature and statewide offices
  3. Adopt a platform; make Democratic ideas and candidates visible and relevant
  4. Train, educate, and empower King County’s Democratic PCOs
  5. Carry out the statutory duties prescribed by the Washington State Constitution, Revised Code of Washington, and the state party’s charter and bylaws
  6. Be the face and voice of Democrats in King County; promoting greater awareness and understanding of progressive issues and concerns to the people of our region


Our Bylaws form the foundation for our structure, and define the roles and responsibilities for our Officers and opportunities for our Members. This is an organization formed of, by and for the progressive activists that make up our membership. It’s all about you as an activist and a citizen.

Read our Bylaws (PDF) – last updated March 25, 2014.

Precinct Committee Officers

Precinct Committee Officers (PCO’s) are elected during each Even-year Primary Election in all 2500+ precincts around the county. These PCO’s are the people who do the work during the year to engage, educate and empower the citizens of our county.

Party Leadership

Our bylaws identify certain officers with duties that they perform during the election season. The full list of officers is posted here.


What do you want our government to do? How do you want our community to grow, change and thrive? That’s who we are and what we’re about. Every two years we go through the Caucus Cycle and hear your voices. What comes from that is our Platform, articulating the values we hold, the legislation we wish to see, and the community we wish to help build.

Read our Platform  (PDF) – This version was approved at the 2014 King County Convention.

King County District Maps

King County Legislative Districts and Congressional District lines were recently redrawn.  To see the new maps, click here:
Legislative Districts in King County
Congressional Districts in King County

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